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Title: The Monad, Soul and Personality.
Subtitle: The added value of the Causal body

The Monad is a spark of the Divine Fire, a light-beam of the Divine Light, a fragment of the Divine Life, a projection of the First Logos.

The Soul is a projection of the Monad. The relation of the Soul to the Monad is as the circle to the point of the circle. The soul consists of the so called higher triad: atman (Will), budhi (Activity) and Higher manas (wisdom).

The personality is a projection of the Soul. Its relation to the Soul is as a free electron to an atom. The personality consists of the so called lower triad: Lower Manas (intellect), Kama (desires) and Stula (material body).

The causal body owes its name to the fact that in it are residing the causes, which will manifest themselves in the lower planes. It is a vehicle, a chalice for the Soul and expresses all the soul qualities, which the personality has acquired.

We will reflect on the Macrocosmic process of and in creation and afterwards on the microcosmic process.

The Monad
During every Day of Brahma (creation-period of millions of years) there are created Monads. These Monads project their radiance in the different spheres through the impulses of the First Logos and will be united again with the First Logos before the end of the Day of Brahma. Then follows a Night of Brahman (a non-creation period of millions of years) and in the next Day of Brahma the Monads will go through a higher cycle of development within matter.
The Monad as described in the Theosophical school is the Jivatma of the Indian philosophy, the Purusha of the Samkya philosophy, the Manifested Self of the Vedanta, as Kether in the Qaballistic doctrine.

The Monads come forth from the highest region of Consciousness, Adi (= the first), but reside as a manifestation thereof on a lower plane, the plane of Anudapaka (=without vesture). The Monad on the Anudapaka-plane does not have vehicles of expression yet. It’s important to note that the fields of Consciousness called Adi and Anudapaka exist before the forming of this Universe, of this solar system. There are 7 types of Monads, which correspond with the 7 Planetary Logoi.(The Planetary Logoi are emanations of the Solar Logos.)

Adi is synonym to the Qaballistic concept of “Ain Soph” and Anudapaka similar to “Ain Soph Aur”

Formation of the planes
Before the Monads are projected by the First Logos, the Third Logos (Other names of the Third Logos in different mystical philosophies are: the Holy Ghost, Shiva, Cosmic Architect of the Universe.) works on the primordial matter by throwing its three qualities tamas (inertia), rajas (mobility) and sattvas (rhythm) out of their stable equilibrium into different forms of equilibrium. And so are formed the atoms of the five planes of Atman, Buddhi, Manas, Kama and Stula..
Under the directive activity of the Third Logos the atoms of each of these planes are awakened to new powers and possibilities of attraction and thus are formed the different molecule-structures. This work of the Third Logos is usually spoken of as the First Life Wave or the First Outpouring.

Into the matter formed and vivified through the Third Logos descends then a second Life Wave coming forth from the Second Logos, the Son of the Father. The Second Logos is also called the Weaver for it weaves out of the matter formed by the Third Logos the different Kingdoms (the three elemental kingdoms, the mineral kingdom, the vegetative kingdom, the animal kingdom). The Second Outpouring brought a great differentiation on the different planes of Life. The Second Outpouring brings with it beings of previous stages of evolution to inhabit the three elemental Kingdoms.
The activity of the Second Logos in the field of Stuhla is known as Life Force and in the field of Buddhi as Christ Consciousness.

The attachment of the atoms of the Higher Triad.
After the forming of the five planes, the Monads, which were waiting on the Anudaka-plane, began their process of individualization through the Third Outpouring produced by the First Logos. Now they began to radiate out their energy and they appropriated to themselves atoms of the lower planes. A Monad has three aspects of consciousness- Will, Wisdom and Activity. After the planes of Atma, Budhi and Manas were brought forth by the Second Outpouring /the Second Life stream they sent out a vibratory wave from each of their aspects to the Atmic, Budhic and manasic plane by which the Atmic permanent atom, the Budhic permanent atom and the manasic permanent atom were formed..
These atoms form the Monadic ray, the Higher Triad, the Soul. The higher Triad, which is formed by only a fragment of the Monad, has the full power of the Monad, though lessened in force by the veils of matter round it.

· The Monads dwell always beyond the five planes, they stay on the Anudapaka-plane. In that sense they are the silent spectators of the results of their radiation.
· The Monad can and does affect the Higher Triad, but exerts only an indirect action on the permanent atoms of the Lower Triad.

The attachment of the atoms of the lower Triad.
The Higher Triad -Atma, Budhi, Manas - projected the Mental, Astral and Physical permanent atoms -the Lower Triad of Manas, Kama and Stuhla- so to be visible in the Physical Universe.
This visible manifestation goes through the different Kingdoms, the mineral kingdom, the vegetative kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom. As the human kingdom is approached, so the Monadic Essence is more noticeable.
When there is formed enough mental material, the unity with the Monad becomes greater. And through a spontaneous impregnation of the Monad and pulsated by the First Logos, the Causal Body will be formed as a focal point of the Monad. The appearance of the Causal body is at the same time the point of creation of the human soul, the individualization of the consciousness. This process of impregnation from the First Logos through the Monad is called the Third Life-stream.

On the buddhic plane the Second Logos manifests as the Christ-principle in man, but on the astral and mental planes of man it appears in the higher part of the astral as higher emotion and on the lower astral as just life-force.


Individualization, Soul and the forming of the Causal Body
The effort of reaching individualization-the first step on the way of Return-must be made from below i.e. by the animal.
When the process of individualization is taking place, the three aspects must all be called forth, nevertheless the first connection can be made as follows:
1. between the lower manas (intellect) and Manas (wisdom)
2. between the emotional body and buddhi
3. between the physical body and Atman
These various ways of making the connection is based on the character of the Master of the animal.
Sometimes there are examples of an abnormal process of individualization, This can happen through exposure to Great Beings and through pride (this happened with Beings in the Seventh Round of the Moon-chain), through fear or hatred (animals which have been treated cruelly by man), through desire for power over others (power such as is sometimes shown by the chief-bull of a herd)

The Causal Body, which is a vehicle of the Soul (the Triple spirit of Atma, Buddhi, Manas) and a storehouse for the essence of man’s experiences, is made of matter of the higher mental plane-the first, second and third mental plane, thus matter-energy on the plane of Manas.. As the Soul develops, its consciousness will be centered on the plane of Buddhi. In a later stage of evolution it will be residing on the plane of Atman. Whilst evil cannot be stored in the causal body, yet the practice of evil may hinder its development.

The relation of the Monad to the Soul
Each Monad is literally a part of God, apparently separated from Him while the Monad is enclosed in the veils of matter. The Monad can never be separated from God, for the very matter in which it veils itself is also a manifestation of the Divine. This Monad expresses itself through the Higher Triad in the individualized Soul. In the average man the Monad is little in touch with the personality and the Soul. But according to the degree that the Soul is controlling the personality (and this depends on the free will of the personality), the Monad gets more control over the soul. The time will come when the Monad will be one with the Soul, just as the personality becomes one with the Soul at the Fifth Planetary Initiation.
Whilst the Monad can be experienced only by an Adept (=One who has reached the Fifth Planetary Initiation) and the existence of it can only be known by an Arhat (=One who has reached the Fourth Planetary Initiation), still we must not make the mistake to think of the Monad as being very far away. For the Monad is the very root of our being.

The relationship of the Personality and the Soul.
The personality is a fragmented portion of the Soul and is an instrument by which the Soul intends to unfold its latent powers. So it puts itself down into successive personalities in a process which is called reincarnation.. Alas, the personality forgets his true mission –his dharma- and goes its own way.

One must not commit the mistake in thinking that there are two entities in man. Whilst there is mostly a great difference between Soul and personality, the difference is not in nature but in activity. The degree of absorbed soul activity by the personality is projected in a energy link between the Soul and the personality, the antahkarana. This antahkarana is mostly perceived as a thread of silver-white light by clairvoyants.

In ordinary men the soul seems to have neither much grip on the personality, nor a clear conception of its purpose in sending the personality forth. In the average man there is a constant strain going on between the astral and mental bodies –aspects of the Lower Triad- The cause and reason for this is that neither of these two bodies are in tune with the Soul or are prepared to act as a vehicle of the Soul.
The soul itself knows the true from the false, but generally when it casts an eye downwards, it finds so crazy a confusion of inconsequent thought-forms that it cannot distinguish anything definite. It seems to turn away in despair and decides to wait for the quietude of the heaven-world after death, before attempting to pick up the fragments of truth out of the chaos. (The disciple on the Path should of course try to bring about this heaven-world-condition while still in the physical body).

When the powers of the Soul are not stirred and attracted by the personality, the personality cannot respond to the higher vibrations of the higher mental planes of the Causal body. This added value to the soul mechanism of the human being can be fully enjoyed only by a new attitude of not permitting the physical, astral and mental body work on their own, but rather under the guidance of the Soul. This guidance of the Soul is acted upon by attracting a Senior-Disciple (mostly called a Master by us) who guides the process of reaching to the higher levels of being.

Wishes for 2008
May in 2008 the Chalice of the Causal Body - the added value in the soul mechanism of the human being- be well prepared for the wine of spirit!

May the bread of the Personality be broken and dipped into the wine of everlasting life and light and so be able to serve at last the Plan of the Elohim.

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From: http://www.religiousscience.org/


Get Clear On What You Want
If you are experiencing a particular challenge in your life, or would like to expand your consciousness in a particular way, please feel free to use the form below to assist in working things out. Before you begin affirmative prayer (or Spiritual Mind Treatment) for something, it is good to have a clear spiritual focus. This page can help you with that clarity.
In this context, "Consciousness" means: what you are conscious of. This page is to help you to become conscious of God - in yourself, in every person, and in every experience.
You may wish to check any areas below in which you are experiencing particular difficulty or in which you would like to grow:

Explanation of "Others":
What qualities or attributes of God (such as peace, love, harmony, abundance, joy, beauty, order, wholeness, creativity, perfection, success, guidance, healing, freedom, self-love, Divine right action, clarity, faith, justice, gratitude, generosity, compassion, serenity, transformation, health, prosperity, wisdom, forgiveness, intelligence, love, etc.) would you like to see revealed in this situation?
Using the above attributes of Spirit Within as your guideline, create an affirmative statement below as a Statement of Intent to release into the Law of Divine Causation. Example: "I am willing to know myself as the powerful, loving, wonderful, successful, and joyful Spiritual Being which I truly am." Or, "I know for Eddy that Divine trust, prosperity, guidance, wholeness, and creativity are unfolding perfectly in his life right now.
Create your own affirmative statement:

Work with this statement at least three times a day. After repeating it once or twice to yourself (with great feeling and power), be sure to release it. This is a very powerful spiritual technology:
1) focusing completely on your spiritual intention at least several times each day, and 2) releasing it completely, with no attachment to the outcome. A good affirmation for releasing might be: "I trust that Divine Spirit or Infinite Mind knows exactly what to do now. I release. I let go. I trust God Within me to do Its perfect work."
Create your own release statement:
Good! Now let's try creating your own Spiritual Mind Treatment.

A Spiritual Mind Treatment is affirmative prayer.What is affirmative prayer? It is a prayer that declares a spiritual Truth. For example, when Jesus the Christ spoke the Word, his healing statement was declared with great power and conviction. He didn't say, "Oh please, God, let Lazarus be healed." He said, "Lazarus, come forth!" (John 11:43)
A Spiritual Mind Treatment, or affirmative prayer, is "a recognition of Spirit's Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of humanity's unity with Spirit..." (Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind textbook, pg. 149)

What would you like to see happen in your current situation? To assist in clarifying your thought as to what you would like to see happen, you may wish to go to Step A: our Interactive Consciousness Builder page to get clear on what you want. When you have a clear idea of what qualities or attributes of God you would like to embrace now, or become conscious of, begin to work with the Spiritual Mind Treatment builder below.

Step 1: Recognition
We begin every Spiritual Mind Treatment with Recognition that there is One Life, and that Life is God. You may call God by any other name that makes It clear and personal to you, such as: Spirit, Universe, Allah, Buddha, Infinite Mind, the One, the Force, Light, or any other term that feels real to you.
Begin with a statement recognizing God, such as: "I know there is an Infinite Spirit that I call the Universe." or "I recognize the One as the power, the presence, and the love of All That Is."
Create your own Recognition statement here:
Good! You have completed Step 1: Recognition

Step 2: Unification
In the Unification step of Spiritual Mind Treatment, we affirm that the same Spirit that God is, we are. We are OF God -- Divine emanations. Since God is all there is, there can be nothing outside of God, and no one separate from God. And so we realize and declare our Oneness as spiritual beings.
After you do the above Recognition step, make some simple declaration of your unity with the Allness of God, such as: "I know that I am One with that Infinite Mind." Or "I recognize my unity with All That Is."
Create your own Unification statement here:
Good! You have completed Step 2: Unification

Step 3: Realization
In Step 3 of your Spiritual Mind Treatment, you want to Realize the qualities or attributes of God which you want to embrace within yourself--to call forth in your own consciousness. These are the Divine qualities inherent within you which want to become more conscious OF.
And so you might want to say something like, "I know that the Divine qualities of peace, power, plenty, and wisdom are already within me. I embrace them now." Or, "All that God is, I AM. I step forth into my true Divinity, saying yes to my own prosperity, guidance, order, harmony, and love.
Create your own Realization statement here:
Excellent! You have completed Step 3: Realization

Step 4: Thanksgiving
Step 4 of your Spiritual Mind Treatment is Thanksgiving. An attitude of gratitude is essential to establishing a new intention in our lives. In giving thanks, we are declaring that it is already done. We are grateful for it. It is so.
In your Thanksgiving step, you may want to say something like "I am so grateful for the revelation of this spiritual Truth in my life." Or, "It is with great gratitude that I accept this transformation of consciousness for myself."
Create your own Thanksgiving statement here:
Wonderful! You have completed Step 4: Thanksgiving.

Step 5: Release
In Step 5, the Release step of your Spiritual Mind Treatment, you let go and let God. You are turning your affirmative declaration of Truth entirely over to Infinite Love, Spirit, the Allness that is God. It is a very important step, because as long as you hold on to it, nothing can take place.
You may want to simply say, "I release. I let go. I let the Spirit do Its perfect work." Or, "I trust the Universe to provide for me. It is done. It is so." Or, "And so it is! Amen."
Create your own Release statement here:
Wonderful! Now you have created your own5-Step Spiritual Mind Treatment.

If you would like IMMEDIATE PRAYER, you may reach the Science of Mind practitioners at World Ministry of Prayer by calling 800 421-9600 ( From within the United States or Canada ) or 818 556-2298( From all other countries ) any time of the day or night.

What is the Science of Mind? by Ernest Holmes

From: http://www.religiousscience.org/ucrs_site/philosophy/spiritual.html

The Science of Mind that is taught in these lessons is an outgrowth of the spiritual faith which people have had throughout the ages. Before science was conceived the Presence of God was felt. Before ever mental actions or reactions were analyzed history was filled with instances of men and women who had experienced God.
The Science of Mind is comparatively new, but the mental experience of the invisible universe is as old as the history of man. It is new in that for the first time in history we have put together all findings which contribute to the establishment of man's relationship with the universe, to the end that he may be able to apply his spiritual understanding to the everyday problems of human life.
This science necessarily starts with the proposition that we are living in a spiritual universe whose sole government is one of harmony, and that the use of right ideas is the enforcement of its law.
The Science of Mind is built on the theory that there is One Infinite Mind which of necessity includes all that is, whether it be the intelligence in man, the life in the animal, or the invisible Presence which is God. In it we learn to have a spiritual sense of things. This spiritual sense of things is what is meant by the Consciousness of Christ. To be able to discern the spiritual idea back of its physical symbol is to use the mind that Jesus used.
The Science of Mind is intensely practical because it teaches us how to use the Mind Principle for definite purposes, such as helping those who are sick, impoverished, or unhappy. Each one of us should learn to become a practitioner of this science, a demonstrator of its Principle, a conscious user of its Power. Power already exists, but the existence of Power is of no particular value to us until we use it. We must not only be conscious of Power, but we must be actively conscious of it. This is one of the first lessons we learn in the Science of Mind.
This science is more than mental; it is also spiritual, since we live in a spiritual universe. The Science of Mind declares the Truth about this spiritual universe and it also declares the Truth about false belief, considering everything which is opposed to good as an accumulation of human thought, the collective negative suggestion of the race.
Wrong conditions are resolved into false beliefs, and through the use of right ideas a transformation of thought takes place. We learn to build our ideas upon an affirmative rather than a negative factor. To state the Truth and deny or disregard that which in belief is opposed to it, is to prove that the Principle of the Science of Mind is actual.
The ever increasing thousands of persons who are daily proving this Principle add to our conviction that we are dealing with the most intense reality the human mind has ever conceived. As you will learn later, the practice of this science is the application of a definite technique, the law of right thought, of true spiritual understanding.

How to Begin these Studies
It is necessary to start these studies with the complete conviction that there is such a Principle and that you understand the scientific use and application of it. Conscious knowledge alone gives you the conscious control of the laws of nature. The advance in any science always corresponds to the conscious use made of the laws of nature. There could be no advance in science without such conscious use of nature's laws.
It would be unwise to approach a study of the Science of Mind with superstition. You must approach it with understanding. Above all, you must approach it with the definite intention in mind of making conscious use of its Principle. You must come to realize at the very start of your inquiry that Mind exists as a Principle in the universe, just as electricity exists as a principle.
Once you understand this it will not be difficult to see that thought is the tool of Mind, that right ideas enforce the Law of Mind; nor will it be difficult to see that physical objects are fundamentally spiritual in their nature, that an objective fact is but a symbol of a subjective or an invisible cause. It certainly follows that if you are to make practical use of the Science of Mind you must be able to convert things into thoughts, and by changing the stream of consciousness produce a corresponding change in an objective situation, whether this be used for helping those who are sick, or to meet any other need.
The question naturally arises whether or not man has a right to use his thought for whatever purpose he wills. The more sincere one is the more likely he is to ask this question. Strangely enough, he would not ask this relative to any other science but would feel that all laws exist to be used, and any sane person would naturally desire to benefit himself and others through the use of nature's laws. Why should any exception be made to the greatest of all laws - the Law of Mind in action, and the enforcement of this Law through right ideas?
One of our fundamental propositions is that God is all there is. When you say God is all there is, that includes everything, all possibility and all action, for Spirit is the invisible essence and substance of all form. It is impossible to separate the highest use of this science from the most exalted conception of an immanent Spirit, a transcendent Spirit, an available Spirit.
Perhaps one might at first have an aversion to the idea of using spiritual power for material purposes, but in the Science of Mind we discover that there are no final material purposes; that whether life exists in an objective or a subjective state, whether it is visible or invisible, all is Spirit; that Spirit or Intelligence, plus what It does, constitutes the entire universe, including man.

What the Science of Mind Reveals
The Science of Mind reveals that every man is a potential Christ. Every man has inherent God-power within him. And how could this God-power be used other than through his thought? Since it would be impossible for a man to act as an intelligent being unless he could first think, the very idea of man supposes a center of consciousness, a center of thought activity. The Science of Mind reveals that this center of God activity within each one is a complete and a unique manifestation of the Parent Mind; that the Power of God does actually exist in man.
It is a basic proposition in our philosophy that we live in a mental or spiritual universe and that things can be resolved into thoughts. This is the foundation upon which all scientific practice must be established, and when you are able to establish this premise in your own thought, you at once find yourself equipped with an instrument through which you can change your environment.
The Science of Mind does not deny the physical universe. The objective universe is the Body of God. That body includes our physical being. In reality every idea of our physical being is a Divine idea.
The misconception of the spiritual universe causes our universe to appear separated from good, and in fact we experience this separation. But that which is a fact in experience is not necessarily true in principle. Bondage cannot be conceived by the Divine, and yet we all know that bondage is a part of man's experience.
In trying to seek a solution for this enigma we must either conclude that there is an ultimate good and an ultimate evil in the universe, or we must conclude that there is but one Ultimate, which is good, and that this Ultimate by Its very nature and by our very nature is compelled to appear to each one of us in the form of our belief. If you can accept this proposition it will be easy enough for you to see how it is that false belief binds humanity.
If that which binds is false belief and not the Truth, then you will see why Jesus told us that a knowledge of the Truth would produce freedom. He did not mean that knowledge of the Truth creates freedom, but that knowledge of the Truth makes us free by aligning us with that which was never bound.
Accepting the foregoing conclusions as true it follows that the Divine Creative Principle is already perfect, having neither confusion nor chaos within It. It was, is, and will remain exactly perfect. Our individual universe shall be redeemed from its bondage in such degree as we become actively conscious of the Truth of our being. We must use the Law as a Law of Liberty, else we shall be using It as a law of bondage.
Science of Mind's Technique
The Science of Mind provides us with a definite technique for the use of this Law and teaches how each one can use It in freeing himself and demonstrating to his complete satisfaction that right ideas, correctly used, can and must produce right conditions.
So far, neither science, revelation, nor philosophy has arrived at any conclusion which could disturb this proposition, and every day the physical sciences are more completely proving that the physical universe in which we live is more like a gigantic thought than anything else. Now if the physical universe, or the cosmos as a whole, is more like a gigantic thought than anything else, it follows that our immediate world is a part of this thought.
How amazed we all should be if we awoke some fine morning, not only with the absolute conviction that this is so, but also with the inner insight which would enable us to see exactly what it means. Then we too should be able to say to the paralyzed man, "stretch forth thine hand!" But before we can do this we must see the principle of freedom instead of the belief in a paralysis of this principle.
The Science of Mind is a reinterpretation of the universe by a process of thought which Jesus used. We learn that there is one body, the body of right ideas. Jesus sensed this Body of God, which includes man's body, as a perfect, harmonious unit, and he realized that the evil which binds man is not a principle within itself nor a thing of itself, and most certainly not a person, but merely a false system of thought. He understood that his knowledge of good annihilated that which denied good. This fundamental fact he clearly brought out in his teaching; the Truth known is followed by the Truth demonstrated.
The Science of Mind does not necessarily create a new religion or sect, for it may be added to any spiritual system of thought since it is a complement to all. The person who already has the greatest spiritual faith will make the most active demonstrator of Truth. The person who naturally has a spiritual insight or who has already trained himself to have spiritual insight, will more quickly sense the truths which the Science of Mind portrays. He will more quickly lay hold of its technique and more perfectly demonstrate for himself and others that the invisible is the cause of the visible.
Proving the Science of Mind
For every science there must be a technique or a way of proving its truth. Science of itself is a knowledge of laws and principles arid systematic arrangement. And the technique of any science is the way in which we use this knowledge of laws and principles.
Applying this rule, (which is common to all sciences) to the Science of Mind, it naturally follows that if there is such a principle as Universal Mind, and if it does work according to the Law of Cause and effect, and if thought, self-contemplation, or self-knowingness is that which stimulates Its action, then correct thinking can and must produce objective or visible results.
We must lay even more stress on the use of the Science of Mind than we do on seeking to establish its Principle. As a matter of fact its Principle is self-evident; its use is exactly what we make it. And the first thing that any student of this science should do is determine to make daily use of it. In this, as in all other things, we should be practical. Too much study of any principle without making conscious use of it will lead to mere theorizing, and I am sure we all wish practical results.
You are ready to use the Principle governing the Science of Mind the very moment you accept the fact that there is such a principle and that it does operate through your thought. But this seems to be the place where many fall down. They talk so much about the Principle and use It so little. They permit themselves to become confused by the introduction of contradictory ideas. They spend too much time in merely philosophizing, theorizing, speculating, until finally they live in a world of wistful wishing, of day dreams.
You must come to see that the Science of Mind is an actual Principle to be definitely used; that no matter how much good may exist in the universe, only as much good can come to you as you can conceive. Above all things, determine now to use this science. Do not say, "Well, this is but the first lesson and I expect to have understanding enough within a year to use it." Seize upon whatever facts present themselves to your mind today, begin to use such truth as you grasp out of your first lesson, and before the year is over you will have become an effective practitioner.

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The Confession to MAAT in three languages.

The Confession to MAAT in three languages:
papiamento, spanish, english.


Homenahe na Bo, O Gran Dios, Abo ku Ta Maestro di Tur Bèrdat.
Mi a yega na Bo, O mi Dios, i Mi a bin te akí pa mi por bira kon­siente di Bo dekretonan.
Mi konosé Bo i mi ta sintonisá ku Bo i Bo 42 leinan ku ta eksistí ku Bo den e kamber akí di Maat.
Den bèrdat mi a bin den Bo esfera i mi a trese Maat den mí mente i alma.

Mi a destruí perversidat pa Bo
Mi no a kometé maldat na humanidat
Mi no a oprimí e miembronan di mi famia
Mi no a kometé maldat den e lugá di Hustisia i Bèrdat
Mi no tabatin intimidat ku personanan sin balor.
Mi no a eksigí promé konsiderashon.
Mi no a dekretá pa trabou eksesivo ta wòrdu hasí pa mí.
Mi no a hiba mi nòmber dilanti pa haña eksaltashon di honor.
Mi no a defroudá esunnan oprimí en kuantu di propiedat
Mi no a laga ningun hende sufrí hamber.
Mi no a laga ningun hende yora.
Mi no a kousa doló wòrdu inflihí na hende òf animal
Mi no a defroudá e tèmpelnan en kuantu di nan ofrendanan.
Mi no a kita nada for di e monton.
Mi no a kita na mal òrdu tereno for di otro hende.
Mi no a abusá di plantashon di otro hende.
Mi no a pone mas peso riba balansa pa gaña e bendedó.
Mi no a lesa e resultado di balansa malu pa gaña e kumprad6.
Mi no a kita e lechi for di boka di mucha chikí.
Mi no a laga e awanan kore bek na momentu ku nan mester a kore normal.
Mi no paga e flam ora e mester tabata sendé.
Mi no a bai kontra Dios den su manifestashonnan.


Mi puresa ta e Puresa di e Dibinidat di e tèmpel sagrado
P'esei, maldat lo no kai riba mí den e mundu aki, pasombra Ami, hasta ami,
konosé e Leinan di Dios ku ta Dios.



Homenaje a Vos, O Gran Dios, Vos quien es Maestro de Todo Verdad.
He llegado a Vos, O mi Dios, y he venido aquí para llegar a ser con­ciente de Vuestros decretos.
Conozco a Vos y estoy entonado en Vos y Vuestros 42 leyes que existen con Vos en esta Cámara de Maat.
Vestido de la Verdad he venido en Vuestro entonamiento y he llevado Maat en mi mente y alma.

Yo he destruido perversidad para Vos
Yo no he
cometido maldad a la humanidad
Yo no he oprimido los miembros de mi familia
Yo no he cometido maldad en el lugar de Justicia y Verdad
Yo no he tenido intimidades con personas sin valor moral.
Yo no he exigido primer consideración.
Yo no he decretado que trabajo excesivo sea hecho para mí.
Yo no he llevado mi nombre adelante para exaltación en honores.
Yo no he defraudado los que son oprimidos en cuanto de propiedad
Yo no he causado que otros sufren de hambre.
Yo no he causado que otros lloran.
Yo no he causado que dolor sea infligido a seres humanos o animales
Yo no he defraudado los templos en cuanto de sus ofrendas.
Yo no he quitado del montón.
Yo no he quitado a mal forma terreno ajeno.
Yo no he abusado de los campos ajenos.
Yo no he puesto mas peso en la balanza para engañar al vendedor.
Yo no he leído falsamente el resultado de la balanza para engañar el comprador
Yo no he quitado leche de la boca de los niños.
Yo no he dejado el agua volver a su origen cuando tenia que fluir normalmente.
Yo no he apagado la llama cuando tenia que estar prendida..
Yo no he contra-decido Dios en sus manifestaciones.


Mi Pureza es la Pureza de la Divinidad del Templo sagrado.
Por eso, maldad no puede caer sobre mí en este mundo, porque Yo, hasta Yo,
conozco las Leyes de Dios, que son Dios.



Homage to Thee, 0 Great God, Thou Master of All Truth!
I have come to Thee, O my God, and have brought myself hither, that I may be­come conscious of Thy decrees.
I know Thee, and am attuned with Thee and Thy two and forty laws which exist with Thee in this Chamber of Maat.
In truth have I come into Thine attunement, and I have brought Maat in my mind and Soul.

I have destroyed wickedness for Thee.
I have not done evil to mankind.
I have not oppressed the members of my family
I have not wrought evil in the place of right and truth.
I have had no intimacy with worthless men.
I have not demanded first consideration.
I have not decreed that excessive labor should be performed for me.
I have not brought forward my name for exaltation to honors.
I have not defrauded the oppressed of property
I have made no men to suffer hunger.
I have made no one weep.
I have caused no pain to be inflicted upon man or animal.
I have not defrauded the Temples of their oblations.
I have not diminished from the bushel.
I have not filched away land
I have not encroached upon the fields of others.
I have not added to the weights of the scales to cheat the seller.
I have not misread the pointer of the scales to cheat the buyer.
I have not kept the milk from the mouths of children.
I have not turned back the water at the time when it should flow.
I have not extinguished the flame when it should burn.
I have not repulsed God in His manifestations.


My purity is the purity of the Divinity of the Holy Temple.
Therefore, evil shall not befall me in this world, because I, even I, know the Laws of God which are God.

dinsdag 18 december 2007

Part 3

Sashidhar is living in free nature enjoying the fresh unspoiled air of nature. He has decided to live so after having evaluated his spiritual life during a self-imposed period of intensive spiritual training.
A well-balanced program of different spiritual techniques characterizes each day of the week, so that he can arrive at understanding his nature and the Universe better. He got these spiritual techniques in Western and Eastern Mystery schools.

While in nature he had different experiences and he noticed that mostly he got them around the full moon period. He had noted his experiences on an every day basis so that the recollection of his spiritual progress could be easier.

Here are MORE of his notations (the dates are left out):

I re-read the book “Psychic Self Defense” today and I was very impressed by an experiment described in it, which was done by Dion Fortune with the 5-pointed star, the pentagram. She had problems with a person and that person was visiting her astrally with the sole aim to molest her. She decided to draw the pentagram with the point outwards at her door and the non-invited astral visitor could not enter. WOW!

Last night I had a dream about a friend of mine. He appeared for a while in the dream as if he didn’t want to be noticed by me. Then I saw many monsters and I fled towards the hut of Baba Nityananda. Afterwards I was floating at the ceiling of the hut. My father came in and asked what I was doing there above. I answered: “I am relaxing.”
I awoke and saw that my girlfriend- who stayed the night with me to share in soul, mind and body her Cosmic Love with me- was turning from left to right and then again from right to left. I began talking with her and she opened her beautiful eyes. I asked her if she had a certain dream. (Always we were sharing our dreams) She said to me that she had a dream that my friend …….. -the same who I saw in my dream- was holding a mourning or black magical session in our house

I went to sleep last night and a certain moment I felt myself in the twilight zone of my mind and experiencing a state of bliss at a distance of more or less one and a half meter away from my physical body. What a blessing

As St. Paul I can say: “The spirit is willing, but the Body is weak. I do what I don’t want to do and do what I consider as wrong.”
I was projecting myself for 15 minutes this morning so that a certain lady would come to me. I don’t consider this as manipulation because this lady had shared many experiences with me already and it’s the only way of contacting someone because I don’t use a telephone. But another lady showed up saying that in a dream she saw me standing at her bed this morning and that I told her to come to me. (She saw me at the same time that I was projecting myself). I need some time to understand this strange but at the same time pleasant deviation.
I had a dream that I was in the living room of a lady who I knew as member of the Board of our swimming-club. She showed me a book of a cabbalist called ………..
Now that I have opened my eyes I have decided to go and have that book even for a while so that I can find out what possible info I have to have from this book.

I got the book. I think that the possible information is that when someone is doing healing-work one has to be aware which energy is manifesting at that time
in his body: the solar energy -which is manifesting when the right nostril is more active or the lunar energy -which is manifesting when the left nostril is more active.

In one of his books Mantak Chia observes that we have to be able to shift the energy –through a well-focused mind or through respiration-techniques- towards the solar polarity before we begin to eat and also when we are to be the active part during sexual intercourse. When we want to relax, we must be able to shift the energy towards the lunar polarity.

I went to share my contact with the Cosmic last weekend at a medical center by giving a Reiki-seminar. One of the medical doctors who participated in the seminar
asked me to come with him to his office. There he told me that when he was giving himself a treatment that morning, he experienced that I was standing at his side giving him instructions about how to flow with the energy. He told me that he felt as if God was giving him instruction.
I explained to him that he had experienced his Higher Self and that the Higher Self had projected Itself towards him through a known image: the image of a spiritual teacher, my personal appearance.


Part 2

Sashidhar is living in free nature enjoying the fresh unspoiled air of nature. He has decided to live so after having evaluated his spiritual life during a self-imposed period of intensive spiritual training. Each day of the week is characterized by a well-balanced program of different spiritual techniques so that he can arrive at understanding his nature and the Universe. He got these techniques in Western and Eastern Mystery schools.

While in nature he had different experiences and he noticed that mostly he got them around the full moon period. He had noted his experiences on an every day basis so that the recollection of his spiritual progress could be easier.

Here are MORE of his notations (the dates are left out):

This is not a dream or so but an experience of clairaudience. Some time ago I had ordered a record at Self Realization Fellowship. This recording contained different songs of Swami Yogananda. Before I got the notice that the record was at the Post-Office I had a dream wherein there was a fire in the Post-Office. In that same dream I heard part of a chanting of Yogananda. Some days after this dream there came a notification of the Post-office that there was a parcel for me. This notification came some days after a fire-alarm in the Post-office. I recognized the voice which I had heard in my dream. Oh Yogananda bless me with your presence.


I used mystical symbols and projected them in all reverence to the Master Jesus.
While doing it, I got a visual impression of my beloved deceased mother. Later in the evening I had a dream/vision about my mother. She was standing in my bedroom and at her right side there were 2 women and at her left side one woman singing a ranchera. I felt at the same time that the women at her right side were former incarnations of her and the woman at her left side is symbolic of the fact that she has been incarnated in Mexico. I felt very attuned with the Universe. Then I awoke and went to the bathroom to water and came back to the bedroom worshipping God and thanking Him again for this nice experience. I felt in a deep and profound spiritual contact and then I saw my son standing before me with at his right side a gentleman in the fifties. It was revealed to me that this gentleman was a former incarnation of my son. At the same time it was revealed to me that I was his father in that certain incarnation.


Today is the 7th time that I felt the presence of a stranger in my room. This time I had a dream before having that experience. I dreamt that I was walking before a super-market and then came a gentleman who I know very well and he grasped my “mala” (=sacred Indian rosary of 108 beads) and broke it. When I awoke the “mala” was broken. The fellow-let me call him “Dark Shadow” - that I had seen this night in my dream was the one who I suspected since some time to be the secret astral visitor. I know that in daily life he feels attracted to black magical experiments. People who are on the Path of Darkness feel that those who work with the Light have to be eliminated, because they are working the wrong way according to their beliefs. But I want a mystical experience through which I can feel surer that he is indeed the one.

Today I had a very mysterious dream. I dreamt with the house where I lived from my sixth years till when I was 22.. I was standing in the bedroom and after chanting a word that I had never considered as a sacred word the son of the neighbors was suddenly standing in our house. The father was seeking him but could not find him. Before I could say the father that his son was in our house, he also was in our house.
I understand that I have to use this word to take away barriers.

This night I had a marvelous experience. After having used the sacred word three days before going to bed, I saw Mister Dark Shadow standing in my room. He said to me “You have more powers then me.” The moment I saw him, I felt radiated energies of love and compassion to him.

As always I do different mystical experiments during the week. Before going to sleep last night I used a mystical mantra of the Gnostic Movement so to have an astral experience. I had a dream/revelation wherein I was in a classroom receiving a teaching. The teacher traced a line on the blackboard and left some space open and went on with drawing the line. Then I heard: “Always there will be a missing link, because there is from time to time a jump in consciousness. ( he was indicating then the space between the 2 lines).

maandag 17 december 2007


Robert is living in free nature enjoying the fresh unspoiled air of nature. He has decided to live so after having evaluated his spiritual life during a self-imposed period of intensive spiritual training. Each day of the week is characterized by a well-balanced program of different spiritual techniques so that he can arrive at understanding his nature and the Universe. He got these techniques in Western and Eastern Mystery schools.

While in nature he had different experiences and he noticed that mostly he got them around the full moon period. He had noted his experiences on an every day basis so that the recollection of his spiritual progress could be easier.

Here are some of his notations:

"I had a revelation according to the parable of the Lost Son. I was the lost son coming back home and feeling ashamed but I was also the father who was rejoicing and celebrating the re-union. At that same moment I became aware that the separation of the son was an illusion. One can never be separated from God, being made out of the Essence of God., The concept of separation is an illusion created by the carnal mind."

"I dreamt one night that I was standing in a garden and looking up to the stars and then it was revealed to me how the stars -and also which of the stars- were influencing my life the most. Later in the dream I felt the Presence. The Presence over-showered me with bliss, “satchidanand”. I was lifted up on a cloud which went to the core of the Presence. And then I noticed that the radiation of the astrological forces were no more. Were they sublimated by the Presence? Can they not reach me while I am in certain dimensions of the Spirit?""

"I had a relation-problem in the past and yesterday it was focused different moments in my mind. At midnight I had the experience that I was sitting in the middle of a circle formed by men with white long hair and tunica’s. And today I felt very good and the relation-problem was cleared out of my sub-consciousness. May it be possible that I was in the presence of the Council of Seven to which I have directed different problems in the past."

"Today I was in a temple of wisdom on the higher astral spheres and I had different insights about the work of the Devil in the lives of different persons. Some of them have even the status of saints. When I have seen the antagonistic way THE devil works, a Teacher approached me and he told me: “There is only One Power. There doesn’t exist Devil and God. God is the One Power. The Devil is just a conglome-ration of discordant thoughts and emotions which have been built up in the race consciousness. Human beings -of other Days of Brahman or of the present Creation-who download these negative thoughts, are evil. They are devils. One must be focused on the One Power. So you will radiate a kind of love and wisdom, which surpasses human understanding. Wow, I said to him. If I don’t send out love towards other human beings I will be experienced by them as a devil. While departing the Teacher said: You’ll better believe it."

zondag 16 december 2007


Nos a weta e mandato di konosé Bo mes for di boka di nos mayornan, dosentenan i lidernan spiritual. Durante di orashon nos a drenta den e esfera di nos alma i nos a kontempla e misterio di bida. I nos a komprondé ku nos mester sigui e mandatonan di Dios ku ta reflehá deb Eskrituranan Sagrado di Ost i Wèst.

Semper kada un di nos a kumpli ku eseinan? Den mi kontemplashon en kuantu di mi mes komportashon mi a yega na e konklushon ku mi por a duna mas amor i a base di e amor ei mas guia, tin bes na un manera suave i tin bes ku outoridat di un ku a weta e Lus Interno pa medio di introspekshon i lesa dokumentonan ku ta duna Sabiduria, Forsa i Beyesa. Na e momentunan ei mi a primintí na e aspekto di Dios ku ta biba den mi i den nos tur, di ekspresá mas amor i duna mas guia. No guia solamente na un manera rasional, pero tambe un tipo di guia ku ta aserka e idea di e Angel Guardian

Dor di ku ami ta kere hopi den kontemplashon ku wowo sera, mi ke duna mi kontribushon awe pa medio di dos ehersisio. E promé ta tuma 5 minüt. E di dos ta tuma mas òf ménos 15 minüt.

E promé fase ta konsistí di ku Bo ta sera Bo wowo riba un señal di mi. Na momentu ku nos tin nos wowo sera, mi lo guia e kontemplashon ku sierto pregunta ku kada un lo mester hasi na su mes.
E preguntanan no tin komo meta pa Bo sinti kulpabilidat, pero si un konosementu profundo ku ta solamente posibel den Presensia di Bo guia spiritual. Mi ta ripití: un konosementu profundo ku ta solamente posibel den Presensia di Bo guia spiritual.

Sera Bo wowonan. Sinta relahá, wak Bo rosea. Djis wak kon Bo rosea ta. Sinti Bo mes den
presensia di Bo Guia Interior..

Bo a weta semper e Presensia di Dios den e otro persona?
Si e kontesta ta si, kua ta e kualidatnan ku a yuda Bo den esei.
Si ta no, kiko Bo mester hasi pa logra esei.

Bo a weta un progreso den Bo manera di ekspresá Amor fraternal ounke Bo ta wetando den sierto Ruman te ainda e mesun Personalidat Brutu for di momentu ku Bo a konosé nan?
Si e kontesta ta si, kua ta e kualidatnan ku a yuda Bo den esei.
Si ta no, kiko Bo mester hasi pa logra esei.


Promé ku mi kuminsá ku e di dos ehersisio mi mester duna un splikashon di e tipologia ku Skol di Sikologia Transpersonal di Kalifornia a forma pa trata personanan ku problemanan sikológiko i spiritual. E tipologia ei a bira punto di salida di e tayernan konosí komo “E Mucha den nos”
Skol di Sikologia Transpersonal di Kalifornia ta dividí e ser humano den 3 aspekto: a) e mucha den nos b) e adulto den nos c) e mayor den nos.
Despues di tempu a bin otro koriente di pensamentu ku ta duna un divishon ku ta kuadra mas ku e pensamentu místiko di Ost i West, esta:
a) e mucha den nos b) e adulto den nos c) e Ser Interior den nos.

E mucha den nos ta bin dilanti na momentu ku nos na un manera kla ta eksihí atenshon, amor, responsabilidat, guia. E ta e parti instintivo -natural den nos. I ta masha kaprichoso i intransigente.

E adulto den nos ta un nivel mas aya di e mucha unda instinto no ta hunga un ròl asina grandi mas a base di sierto konseptonan sosial – kultural kua keda atkiri dor di ambiente i/ of disposishon ètniko i/ òf síkliko. E aspekto aki den nos ta DUNA atenshon, amor, responsabilidat, guia kisas no na un kalidat di kita sombré, pero tin e kuido nesesario.

E Ser Interior ku ta e nivel divino den nos TA atenshon total, amor puru, pues inkondishonal, responsabilidat na e manera optimal.

Tin muchu mas aspekto di e sikologia aki ku mi por trese dilanti, pero mi ta limitá mi mes na e lokual ta nesesario pa e siguiente ehersisio.

Kon e tipologia aki ta yuda nos pa komprendé e piedra brutu den e otro Ruman –pues e parti di dje ku ta eksihí pa aksept’é meskos ku e ta ku tur su defektonan miéntras nos ke pa weta kualidatnan otro manifestá dor di dje ku ta indiká ku en bèrdat e ta den un proseso di transformashon?

Dor di toleransia. Si, dor di toleransia. Toleransia ta amor, kisas no amor kondishonal, pero e ta un fase di amor. Toleransia ke men ku nos a suich na e nivel di e adulto òf Ser Interior den nos, pues na e esfera ku sa parsialmente òf totalmente ku amor semper ta vensedó.

Promé ku mi pasa pa hasi e siguiente ehersisio mi ke bisa ku si tin un pleitu entre dos persona i ningun di nos dos ta kapas di bai maske pa un ratu na e nivel di e adulto òf mas ariba, e ora ei tin distanshamentu, bringamentu, diborsio etc.

Mi ke duna Boso un ehersisio for di un di mi tayernan di “E Mucha Interior”. Pa esei mi ke pa Bo konsiderá e tres nivelnan:
Mucha/ Adulto/ Ser Interior.

Lider di e ehersisio ta bisa kada persona segun e órden den kua nan ta sinta ku nan ta un sierto number. (E tin un papel kla ku e nòmbernan i e ta skirbi e number tras di kada persona.)
For di un makutu V.M. ta saka un kantidat di papel (igual na mitar di esunnan presente) un pa un i nan ta keda menshoná dor di Orador. Esun na kua e number ta korespondé ta kue su stul i ta pone esei den e parti paden di e kolumnanan di nort i sùit. Despues kada un ta skohe un papel i e lider di grupo ta bisa e persona korespondiente pa bin sinta dilanti di e otro persona. Despues e ehersisio ta kuminsá.Interkambio non -verbal i energétiko entre 2 R..

Ehersisio 2

Riba un papel di flip over e ta mustra ku kada un ta sintonisá riba e Mucha den dje (nivel 1) i despues di haña un siñal vokal e for di nivel 1 ta sintonisá riba e adulto den e otro persona dilanti di dje (nivel 2).

Sera Bo wowonan. Sinta relahá, wak Bo rosea. Djis wak kon Bo rosea ta. Sintonisá riba e Mucha den Bo. ................... Awor laga e Mucha den Bo sintonisá riba e adulto den e otro sinta dilanti di Bo. (kada un di e diferente duonan ta hasi esei)

Despues di algun minüt. Abri Bo wowonan trankilamente i no move muchu.

Tin yen ehersisio ku nos por hasi. Pero mi ke hasi esun di mas elevá ku nos por hasi awor aki. Denter di un ratu Bo mester kuminsá sintonisá riba e parti di e Ser Real, e parti Divino den Bo i despues Bo ta duna e Amor Fraternal inkondishonalmente na e Mucha i e Adulto den e otro.

Sera Bo wowonan. Sinta relahá, wak Bo rosea. Djis wak kon Bo rosea ta. Sintonisá riba e Ser Real den Bo. ................... Awor laga Bo Amor bai na e adulto i e mucha den e otro sinta dilanti di Bo.

Adaptashon di un lektura presenta den
Kompareshon di 20-11-2007