dinsdag 18 december 2007


Part 2

Sashidhar is living in free nature enjoying the fresh unspoiled air of nature. He has decided to live so after having evaluated his spiritual life during a self-imposed period of intensive spiritual training. Each day of the week is characterized by a well-balanced program of different spiritual techniques so that he can arrive at understanding his nature and the Universe. He got these techniques in Western and Eastern Mystery schools.

While in nature he had different experiences and he noticed that mostly he got them around the full moon period. He had noted his experiences on an every day basis so that the recollection of his spiritual progress could be easier.

Here are MORE of his notations (the dates are left out):

This is not a dream or so but an experience of clairaudience. Some time ago I had ordered a record at Self Realization Fellowship. This recording contained different songs of Swami Yogananda. Before I got the notice that the record was at the Post-Office I had a dream wherein there was a fire in the Post-Office. In that same dream I heard part of a chanting of Yogananda. Some days after this dream there came a notification of the Post-office that there was a parcel for me. This notification came some days after a fire-alarm in the Post-office. I recognized the voice which I had heard in my dream. Oh Yogananda bless me with your presence.


I used mystical symbols and projected them in all reverence to the Master Jesus.
While doing it, I got a visual impression of my beloved deceased mother. Later in the evening I had a dream/vision about my mother. She was standing in my bedroom and at her right side there were 2 women and at her left side one woman singing a ranchera. I felt at the same time that the women at her right side were former incarnations of her and the woman at her left side is symbolic of the fact that she has been incarnated in Mexico. I felt very attuned with the Universe. Then I awoke and went to the bathroom to water and came back to the bedroom worshipping God and thanking Him again for this nice experience. I felt in a deep and profound spiritual contact and then I saw my son standing before me with at his right side a gentleman in the fifties. It was revealed to me that this gentleman was a former incarnation of my son. At the same time it was revealed to me that I was his father in that certain incarnation.


Today is the 7th time that I felt the presence of a stranger in my room. This time I had a dream before having that experience. I dreamt that I was walking before a super-market and then came a gentleman who I know very well and he grasped my “mala” (=sacred Indian rosary of 108 beads) and broke it. When I awoke the “mala” was broken. The fellow-let me call him “Dark Shadow” - that I had seen this night in my dream was the one who I suspected since some time to be the secret astral visitor. I know that in daily life he feels attracted to black magical experiments. People who are on the Path of Darkness feel that those who work with the Light have to be eliminated, because they are working the wrong way according to their beliefs. But I want a mystical experience through which I can feel surer that he is indeed the one.

Today I had a very mysterious dream. I dreamt with the house where I lived from my sixth years till when I was 22.. I was standing in the bedroom and after chanting a word that I had never considered as a sacred word the son of the neighbors was suddenly standing in our house. The father was seeking him but could not find him. Before I could say the father that his son was in our house, he also was in our house.
I understand that I have to use this word to take away barriers.

This night I had a marvelous experience. After having used the sacred word three days before going to bed, I saw Mister Dark Shadow standing in my room. He said to me “You have more powers then me.” The moment I saw him, I felt radiated energies of love and compassion to him.

As always I do different mystical experiments during the week. Before going to sleep last night I used a mystical mantra of the Gnostic Movement so to have an astral experience. I had a dream/revelation wherein I was in a classroom receiving a teaching. The teacher traced a line on the blackboard and left some space open and went on with drawing the line. Then I heard: “Always there will be a missing link, because there is from time to time a jump in consciousness. ( he was indicating then the space between the 2 lines).

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