maandag 17 december 2007


Robert is living in free nature enjoying the fresh unspoiled air of nature. He has decided to live so after having evaluated his spiritual life during a self-imposed period of intensive spiritual training. Each day of the week is characterized by a well-balanced program of different spiritual techniques so that he can arrive at understanding his nature and the Universe. He got these techniques in Western and Eastern Mystery schools.

While in nature he had different experiences and he noticed that mostly he got them around the full moon period. He had noted his experiences on an every day basis so that the recollection of his spiritual progress could be easier.

Here are some of his notations:

"I had a revelation according to the parable of the Lost Son. I was the lost son coming back home and feeling ashamed but I was also the father who was rejoicing and celebrating the re-union. At that same moment I became aware that the separation of the son was an illusion. One can never be separated from God, being made out of the Essence of God., The concept of separation is an illusion created by the carnal mind."

"I dreamt one night that I was standing in a garden and looking up to the stars and then it was revealed to me how the stars -and also which of the stars- were influencing my life the most. Later in the dream I felt the Presence. The Presence over-showered me with bliss, “satchidanand”. I was lifted up on a cloud which went to the core of the Presence. And then I noticed that the radiation of the astrological forces were no more. Were they sublimated by the Presence? Can they not reach me while I am in certain dimensions of the Spirit?""

"I had a relation-problem in the past and yesterday it was focused different moments in my mind. At midnight I had the experience that I was sitting in the middle of a circle formed by men with white long hair and tunica’s. And today I felt very good and the relation-problem was cleared out of my sub-consciousness. May it be possible that I was in the presence of the Council of Seven to which I have directed different problems in the past."

"Today I was in a temple of wisdom on the higher astral spheres and I had different insights about the work of the Devil in the lives of different persons. Some of them have even the status of saints. When I have seen the antagonistic way THE devil works, a Teacher approached me and he told me: “There is only One Power. There doesn’t exist Devil and God. God is the One Power. The Devil is just a conglome-ration of discordant thoughts and emotions which have been built up in the race consciousness. Human beings -of other Days of Brahman or of the present Creation-who download these negative thoughts, are evil. They are devils. One must be focused on the One Power. So you will radiate a kind of love and wisdom, which surpasses human understanding. Wow, I said to him. If I don’t send out love towards other human beings I will be experienced by them as a devil. While departing the Teacher said: You’ll better believe it."

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