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I consider that when Jesus said "Follow Me" that he was saying to his fellow-Essenes and near friends, that the time is ripe to bring the Universal Truths, taught in the Essene group, outwards in its completeness (John the Baptist made public already the Baptism ceremony, which was a tradition of the Essenes taken over from the Greek Mystery schools).

Men will not simply follow another man because he want such an action. There must have been a certain deliberation about the subject within the meetings of the Essene community.

When Jesus said "Follow me" we have to realize that He could not have meant that the apostles and we are to follow Him just in every outer act. He must have been referring to the laws back of His teachings that we are to follow.

Some of these truths are:
1. Jesus emphasized "the Father within.
2. In His salutation in what we term "the Lord's Prayer" (or "our Lord's Prayer") Jesus unified us with Himself in relation to the Fatherhood of God when He said "Our Father."

Metaphysically seen, we must follow the Jesus thought in us as the leading thought to an process of spiritual awakening.


FROM: http://blavatskytheosophy.com/12-things-theosophy-teaches/

Theosophy teaches – an Absolute Infinite Omnipresent Divine Principle which is the source and substratum of all. It is the Causeless Cause and the Rootless Root of all. It is impersonal, immutable, and unconditioned. It is the “One and Only” eternal Reality. It is really beyond all definition and description but is THAT which is referred to in Hinduism as Brahman or Parabrahm, in Buddhism as Adi-Buddhi, and in the Kabbalah as Ain-Soph. It is not a Person or Being of any kind. It would be misleading and misrepresentative to speak of It as “God” since It is not any type of God. It can be better spoken of as the infinite and eternal ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS which is all and in all.
Theosophy teaches – the divinity and unity of all life. Every living thing is divine and spiritual in its innermost essence, which is its true Self. In the highermost part of our being, our Higher Self, each one of us literally is the Brahman referred to above.

Theosophy teaches
– that there are many souls but only one spirit. We are all individual souls, yet in the highermost part of our being we are all literally one and the same. We do not have individual spirits. Souls are many but spirit is ONE. “Just as one and the same sun shines over every body on this earth, so one and the same Spirit shines over and illumines every soul.” (Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita) This again is the Brahman mentioned already.

Theosophy teaches – that the Universe is a cyclic and periodical manifestation. It comes forth into existence from the Divine Principle by means of evolution (not creation) and remains and evolves over an incredibly lengthy period of time. Then it gradually disintegrates and disappears, everything being reabsorbed into Brahman. Eventually, after the same duration of time for which it had existed, it is reborn, on a higher level than before.

Theosophy teaches – that the Universe and everything in it is in the constant process of evolution. The evolution of matter and of objective forms is undeniable but the most important aspect of evolution is the evolution and gradual unfoldment, advancement, and development of the unseen inner entities (or souls) through those material/objective forms and bodies. Man descended as a “Divine Spark” into matter and has worked his way up into the human kingdom by passing through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms in long ages past. Now he is evolving back up towards the consciousness of his true spiritual nature.

Theosophy teaches – that human beings actually possess a sevenfold nature. We are each comprised of seven “principles” or components. Three of these are immortal and endure from lifetime to lifetime, while the other four last only for the duration of one lifetime and are new with each successive birth. The Higher Triad consists of (1) Our Divine Self; pure eternal Spirit – called Atman in Theosophy (2) Our Spiritual Soul; the vehicle for the radiation of the light of the Spirit – called Buddhi in Theosophy, and (3) Our individual human soul, which is the same thing as the mind; this is our Ego (in the true sense of that word), our “I” or permanent individuality, the part of us which reincarnates – called Manas in Theosophy. The Lower Quaternary consists of (1) Our passional nature; the element of desire figuratively described as the “animal soul” – called Kama in Theosophy (2) Our vital nature; the life force or life energy which actually keeps us alive and in physical incarnation – called Prana in Theosophy (3) Our astral body; the subtle and unseen blueprint, framework, and mould upon and around which the physical body is built; it can be described as our “energy body,” the vehicle through which Prana flows to the physical body – called Linga Sharira in Theosophy, and (4) Our physical body; which is really nothing more than our outer shell and the vehicle during life for the manifestation of all the other principles – called Sthula Sharira in Theosophy.

Theosophy teaches – that reincarnation is the means for the evolution of the human soul. The physical body and personality we have today is only one of many which we have occupied throughout our long evolutionary journey. In the whole scheme of things, this life we are living now amounts to only a chapter, or even only a page, in the whole “book of lives” of our soul. The circumstances, situations, and conditions of each lifetime were formed by our own previous actions, whether we were aware of it or not. In the past we created our present and in the present we are creating our future. No-one can avoid or escape reincarnation, since it is the Law of Nature. The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth only comes to an end when the individual has attained to true spiritual perfection, freedom from all desire, and conscious reunion with the Divine. This is called Nirvana, Moksha, or being reabsorbed in Brahman.

Theosophy teaches
– that all of life is governed by the Law of Karma. Everything in the Universe is under the sway of Karma. This is the unfailing, unerring, incredibly far reaching Law of cause and effect, action and reaction, sequence and consequence. What we sow, we will eventually reap. What we reap, we have previously sown. This is the way, the means, and the method whereby the Universe maintains its harmony, balance, and equilibrium. Universal equilibrium would be impossible unless the Great Law was constantly adjusting action to reaction and reaction to action. It is a perfect and unalterable Law, impersonal and just. In reality there is no injustice. Each one of us gets exactly what we deserve, for good or bad. The Law of Karma is the law of self-created destiny. Karma and reincarnation are inextricably linked…you can’t have one without the other.

Theosophy teaches
– that what we call “death” is actually only a transition, a change of state. Our true being can never die. When so-called death occurs, we leave behind on earth our physical body, our astral body, and the force of Prana. We then enter into what could be called the “astral plane,” the psychic atmosphere which most closely surrounds the physical plane. Theosophy calls it Kama Loka. We are unconscious there, in a type of dazed and sleeping state, and undergo the process of separation of our lower and mortal nature from our higher and immortal nature. When this is completed we say that the “second death” has occurred. The principle of Kama and the lower, earthly, and sensual elements of Manas remain behind in Kama Loka as a type of senseless and soulless shell and eventually fade out and disintegrate. Meanwhile, the soul enters into the “gestation state,” a period of profound unconsciousness and inaction, before eventually waking into the Heaven state. This is called Devachan in Theosophy. This is not a place or location but a state. It is the Heaven of the individual’s dreams, created unwittingly out of their own consciousness, and perfectly representing the type of afterlife they had believed in, thought about, and expected, during life. The Devachanic state lasts in exact accordance with the amount or force of positive Karma accrued by the individual during the last lifetime. Then reincarnation inevitably takes place. Very materialistic and sensually oriented souls often reincarnate quite quickly but for others the period of Devachan may last decades, centuries, or even thousands of years.

Theosophy teaches
– that practices such as spiritualism, mediumship, and channelling are dangerous and detrimental to both the living and the dead. Departed souls cannot see us. Apart from a very small number of exceptions, it is impossible for a departed soul to communicate with those left behind on earth through a medium or even to see or have any knowledge whatsoever of what is going on here. Devachan would not be a state of perfect bliss, peace, and joy if the individual there was still connected with the physical plane in some way. Nature is kind enough to create an impassable chasm between the heaven state and the earth state, so that those who have passed on are entirely out of the reach of physical existence and of individuals on the physical plane. The main exceptions to this rule are people who have committed suicide, people who have been murdered, and those who have died a violent death. They remain in the Kama Loka for the remainder of the duration of the lifetime they had been destined to live on earth. It is possible for mediums and channellers to make contact with them but this is spiritually unlawful and can lead to seriously dire results. They must be left in peace and allowed to proceed unhindered on their eventual upward way. It is mainly the senseless and unensouled “shells” left behind in Kama Loka which are successfully contacted and connected with in mediumship and channelling. Because the shells retain a degree of memory, they are able to automatically and blindly recite and repeat certain details and pieces of information. People are deluded into thinking they are communicating with the real person whereas in fact it is only their “psychic corpse,” the cast off remnants of the old personality. Spiritualism, mediumship, and all forms of psychic channelling were condemned and opposed by the wise spiritual and philosophical traditions throughout the ages, most especially in India and the East.

Theosophy teaches – the vital importance of altruism, unselfishness, compassion, and living to help and serve others. It maintains that Universal Brotherhood is not merely a noble and lofty ideal but is eternally a fact in Nature. All is one because the ONE is All. Therefore it is selfish if we live unto ourselves alone. We are all part of the whole and there is no separation in the Universe. Personal desire, ambition, greed, and lust are all misguided forms of selfishness and it is selfishness which is the great curse of humanity and the cause of human suffering. The Bodhisattva ideal – self-sacrifice and renunciation of eternal bliss in order to always remain on earth as a selfless and effective server and helper of the human race, seeking no personal reward – is viewed very highly in Theosophy.

Theosophy teaches – that all religions are the same in their esoteric essence. There is one esoteric Teaching, a universal philosophy, a Secret Doctrine, which underlies all the world’s religions. It actually predates and transcends all religions. It is THE TRUTH itself. All religions contain some portion of the Truth, some to a greater degree than others. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two “truest” religions, yet even they, in their popular and public form, are sometimes distorted and misleading. The purpose of the Theosophical Movement is to teach Truth as it is, free from all limitations and restrictions of religious dogma, creed, and theology. The unadulterated universal philosophy has been preserved and guarded throughout the ages by the Initiates, Adepts, and Masters of certain secret Brotherhoods in Tibet, India, and the East. The voluminous writings and teachings of H.P. Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Movement) present, demonstrate, and prove this Teaching, to the full extent that was permitted by those Masters, who were her Teachers and Instructors. The “Truth” just mentioned has sometimes been called the Ancient Wisdom, the Ageless Wisdom, and the Divine Wisdom. The word “Theosophy” is derived from the Greek word “Theosophia” which literally means “Divine Wisdom.”

Theosophists are perfectly free to belong to any religion but they also know that it is not actually essential or necessary for them to belong to, or identify themselves with, any particular religion. The motto of the Theosophical Movement is “There is no religion higher than Truth.”

President of "Sentro Teosófiko Curaçao"

dinsdag 9 september 2014


The "What" is up to you, the "How" is up to Universal Consciousness (or God if you like that term). YOU DECIDE ~ Universal Consciousness/GOD PROVIDES. Tell the Universe what you want to experience and then allow Universal Consciousness to work out the details for you.  
Misleading articles
There are a lot of misleading articles in blogs and other type of websites circulating nowadays. They talk about a rapid movement of human evolution, a quantum jump in consciousness. It is as if there are factors in the Universe, which go completely against our free will. These articles are written by persons, who see a good business in spirituality stuff and are not stewards of Truth, they aren’t real light workers.  
Free will and Jump in Consciousness
Free will is an intrinsic aspect of God consciousness and for the fact that we are Divine Consciousness, we have that aspect also in us. Thus free will was not given by God to me, but is part of my real nature. Based on this aspect of free will, we decided to travel through the different Kingdoms of Nature and have all the adventures, which we got in all the incarnations.
We get to a jump in consciousness, when we are choosing the part of our real nature. We were guided through different agents to this real nature: through the words and example of our parents, religious leaders and within stories about holy men.
And at a certain moment we have decided to practice Oneness consciousness which we have experienced through profound  prayer or meditation. We have ascende the top of the spiritual mountain to connect with the Masters of the Hierarchy, whose initiations h ave brought our planet to a higher level. We call those human beings Masters or Elder Brothers for they have paved the way for us. They are not gods imposing a rapid revolution of consciousness, they are our Brothers and Sisters who want to guide us in the Hall of Learning to lead us afterwards-as we so desire- to the Hall of Wisdom. *  

A mostly unknown factor of revolution in human consciousness.
But besides these agents there is a greater play in consciousness happening all the time. In the same way that we are subconsciously influenced by mass consciousness and fore fathers consciousness towards positive or negative thinking, so we are influenced by the vibrations of holiness created or downloaded from the sacred spheres by real light workers and saints .
The higher the saintly vibrations radiated by the community of this earth, the higher the Planetary Initiations reached by one or other human being, the greater will be the effect on the totality of us, as we so desire (our free will!!!).
Let us give thanks for what we get everyday, but let us have a correct understanding of the workings of the Life-Light-Love principle.


*  http://www.bailey.it/images/testi-inglese/Initiation-Human-and-Solar.pdf


Dear Friends,
Some philosophical work on the following declaration:
The "What" is up to you, the "How" is up to Universal Consciousness (or God if you like that term). YOU DECIDE ~ Universal Consciousness/GOD PROVIDES. Tell the Universe what you want to experience and then allow God to work out the details for you.  

I consider together with Rev. Joel Goldsmith that God will not do today what he hasn't done in eternity. In other words, God IS. He is not becoming, he is not changing. He doesn't do this for you today and for others tomorrow. He is not blessing certain people and condemning others.
The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac is a wrong description of God by the same Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or by their followers. There doesn’t exist a God expressing sometimes punishment and sometimes rewards. (This punishment and rewarding occurs through a impersonal law called by men the Law of Karma) God is LOVE and God is WISDOM, God is not a being as us expressing acts of love and of wisdom. 

When at last we decided to tell the Universe, what we want and we get afterwards what we asked for, two great principles took place at the same time: 1. We have decided to transcend the personality and the physical universe 2. We declared that we are ready for a certain change.
When at last we decided to open our hearts for the abundance of the Universal Consciousness, we must not get stupid and consider that the Universal Consciousness has gone out of eternity and gone into the same trap of consciousness of our personality, a level of yesterday and tomorrow, a trap of here and there.

In the degree that we open our hearts for the total love and wisdom of the Universal Consciousness we will receive. That doesn't imply that the Universal Consciousness has given us something. Assuming this act of giving on the part of the Universal Consciousness is degrading the eternal love and wisdom aspect through clothing it in a time-space aspect. 

The fact that the personality feel the need to say thanks for receiving according to its opening for the Universal Abundance, doesn't imply that the Universal Consciousness needs that act of thankfulness.
The second part of the phrase “Tell the Universe ………… and then allow God to work out the details for you” must be “ and then the Universal laws knowing all your sincerity at this moment  of asking will work out the details for you.

Let us give thanks for what we get everyday, but let us have a correct understanding of the workings of the Life-Light-Love principle.




We have invented all types of inventions and nowadays there are also inventions based on our voice. We can control home appliances, cars etc. based on remote speech interaction directly or indirectly by speaking through a voice directed system, (phone and GPS related). (Besides the fact that there are appliances, which can receive our voice via our mobile on a great distance.)

Your car will react if you have a car installed with e.g.Viper SmartStart 3.0 on your voice command to be started etc. In the future man wil invent a system where the car will react on your thought (remember thought is normally a sub vocal activity).

But when I tell you
that there are people who can hear your thoughts, you begin to doubt the mental state that I am in. What do you think was happening all the time with paragnostics such as Gijsberth van der Zeeuw, Peter Hurkos, Jeanne Dixon? And I have met people here on our island who can hear the thoughts of others.

But when I tell you
that all the persons who said/say that God has spoken to them in reality have heard thoughts of perfection with sound according to their wishes from the "Plane of Perfect Ideas" (Plato!!!), then you will stare at me as if I am crazy. I call this Plane the "Plane of Divine Ideas. I don't mean with this that God has thought these thoughts. Please, God does nothing. He is Perfection).

But when I tell you
that every time you are blessing another person by wishing him/her the best you are activating Divine Essence in yourself and the other so that blessings are on his way, you say WOWWWWW..