dinsdag 18 december 2007

Part 3

Sashidhar is living in free nature enjoying the fresh unspoiled air of nature. He has decided to live so after having evaluated his spiritual life during a self-imposed period of intensive spiritual training.
A well-balanced program of different spiritual techniques characterizes each day of the week, so that he can arrive at understanding his nature and the Universe better. He got these spiritual techniques in Western and Eastern Mystery schools.

While in nature he had different experiences and he noticed that mostly he got them around the full moon period. He had noted his experiences on an every day basis so that the recollection of his spiritual progress could be easier.

Here are MORE of his notations (the dates are left out):

I re-read the book “Psychic Self Defense” today and I was very impressed by an experiment described in it, which was done by Dion Fortune with the 5-pointed star, the pentagram. She had problems with a person and that person was visiting her astrally with the sole aim to molest her. She decided to draw the pentagram with the point outwards at her door and the non-invited astral visitor could not enter. WOW!

Last night I had a dream about a friend of mine. He appeared for a while in the dream as if he didn’t want to be noticed by me. Then I saw many monsters and I fled towards the hut of Baba Nityananda. Afterwards I was floating at the ceiling of the hut. My father came in and asked what I was doing there above. I answered: “I am relaxing.”
I awoke and saw that my girlfriend- who stayed the night with me to share in soul, mind and body her Cosmic Love with me- was turning from left to right and then again from right to left. I began talking with her and she opened her beautiful eyes. I asked her if she had a certain dream. (Always we were sharing our dreams) She said to me that she had a dream that my friend …….. -the same who I saw in my dream- was holding a mourning or black magical session in our house

I went to sleep last night and a certain moment I felt myself in the twilight zone of my mind and experiencing a state of bliss at a distance of more or less one and a half meter away from my physical body. What a blessing

As St. Paul I can say: “The spirit is willing, but the Body is weak. I do what I don’t want to do and do what I consider as wrong.”
I was projecting myself for 15 minutes this morning so that a certain lady would come to me. I don’t consider this as manipulation because this lady had shared many experiences with me already and it’s the only way of contacting someone because I don’t use a telephone. But another lady showed up saying that in a dream she saw me standing at her bed this morning and that I told her to come to me. (She saw me at the same time that I was projecting myself). I need some time to understand this strange but at the same time pleasant deviation.
I had a dream that I was in the living room of a lady who I knew as member of the Board of our swimming-club. She showed me a book of a cabbalist called ………..
Now that I have opened my eyes I have decided to go and have that book even for a while so that I can find out what possible info I have to have from this book.

I got the book. I think that the possible information is that when someone is doing healing-work one has to be aware which energy is manifesting at that time
in his body: the solar energy -which is manifesting when the right nostril is more active or the lunar energy -which is manifesting when the left nostril is more active.

In one of his books Mantak Chia observes that we have to be able to shift the energy –through a well-focused mind or through respiration-techniques- towards the solar polarity before we begin to eat and also when we are to be the active part during sexual intercourse. When we want to relax, we must be able to shift the energy towards the lunar polarity.

I went to share my contact with the Cosmic last weekend at a medical center by giving a Reiki-seminar. One of the medical doctors who participated in the seminar
asked me to come with him to his office. There he told me that when he was giving himself a treatment that morning, he experienced that I was standing at his side giving him instructions about how to flow with the energy. He told me that he felt as if God was giving him instruction.
I explained to him that he had experienced his Higher Self and that the Higher Self had projected Itself towards him through a known image: the image of a spiritual teacher, my personal appearance.

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