dinsdag 9 september 2014


The "What" is up to you, the "How" is up to Universal Consciousness (or God if you like that term). YOU DECIDE ~ Universal Consciousness/GOD PROVIDES. Tell the Universe what you want to experience and then allow Universal Consciousness to work out the details for you.  
Misleading articles
There are a lot of misleading articles in blogs and other type of websites circulating nowadays. They talk about a rapid movement of human evolution, a quantum jump in consciousness. It is as if there are factors in the Universe, which go completely against our free will. These articles are written by persons, who see a good business in spirituality stuff and are not stewards of Truth, they aren’t real light workers.  
Free will and Jump in Consciousness
Free will is an intrinsic aspect of God consciousness and for the fact that we are Divine Consciousness, we have that aspect also in us. Thus free will was not given by God to me, but is part of my real nature. Based on this aspect of free will, we decided to travel through the different Kingdoms of Nature and have all the adventures, which we got in all the incarnations.
We get to a jump in consciousness, when we are choosing the part of our real nature. We were guided through different agents to this real nature: through the words and example of our parents, religious leaders and within stories about holy men.
And at a certain moment we have decided to practice Oneness consciousness which we have experienced through profound  prayer or meditation. We have ascende the top of the spiritual mountain to connect with the Masters of the Hierarchy, whose initiations h ave brought our planet to a higher level. We call those human beings Masters or Elder Brothers for they have paved the way for us. They are not gods imposing a rapid revolution of consciousness, they are our Brothers and Sisters who want to guide us in the Hall of Learning to lead us afterwards-as we so desire- to the Hall of Wisdom. *  

A mostly unknown factor of revolution in human consciousness.
But besides these agents there is a greater play in consciousness happening all the time. In the same way that we are subconsciously influenced by mass consciousness and fore fathers consciousness towards positive or negative thinking, so we are influenced by the vibrations of holiness created or downloaded from the sacred spheres by real light workers and saints .
The higher the saintly vibrations radiated by the community of this earth, the higher the Planetary Initiations reached by one or other human being, the greater will be the effect on the totality of us, as we so desire (our free will!!!).
Let us give thanks for what we get everyday, but let us have a correct understanding of the workings of the Life-Light-Love principle.


*  http://www.bailey.it/images/testi-inglese/Initiation-Human-and-Solar.pdf

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