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Illuminati (Latin) The enlightened, adepts; a title assumed in Europe by different bodies of mystics at different times, claiming to have attained the faculty of direct vision of divine truth, and also applied popularly to later bodies, such as Swedenborgians and Rosicrucians.

The term Illuminati is used by two kinds of groups:
1. Those who belong to the path of the Great White Brotherhood (the path towards perfection)
2. Those who belong to the Path of the Great Dark Brotherhood (the path towards imperfection).

Those Brotherhoods are not on the physical plane, but more on the supra mental planes of consciousness

Ad 1 If you are saying that the Illuminati have to do with those who are striving or have attained
        Christ Consciousness, then you are talking about the Great White Brotherhood.

Rosicrucianism and the Illuminati In one of the degrees of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC you will be said that you are now a member of the Inner Circle, the section of the Illuminati. You are recommended to raise your thoughts to the Celestial Sanctum and be in communion with all those who have ascended to this stage in the studies.

Ad 2 If you are saying that the Illuminati has to do with Hitler, the great materialistic based political
         leaders of our plane and conspiracy theories of a secret world order, you are talking about those
         who are on the Path of the Great Dark Brotherhood. Sometimes –remember that I said
         sometimes- those groups are grouped in lodges with different black magical rituals.

Internet and the Illuminati You will get a lot of stuff on Internet about Illuminati. Sometimes they are talking about version 1 and sometimes about version 2 (see above).

Illuminati and Freemasons If you have a right understanding about Freemasonry, thus if you are not a fanatical religionist, then you are conscious that they pertain to the first version. You  are receptive for this axiom: Freemasonry as a organization pertains to the ideals of those who are on the Path of Light and Truth, striving to have the perfection of the Great Architect of the Universe, God.

Note: But this not exclude the possibility that among the brethren of a Masonic lodge there may be a brother who loves the darkness of the personality more then the light of the Higher Self and of the Great Architect of the Universe.

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