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The relaxation factor and the signal and noice response


”To enter the silence means leaving outer and inner places of noise,!!!!

It’s very hard for the mind to be silent. In fact, the mind exists just because there are thoughts and more thoughts. The mass considers this, as mindfulness while it’s not, its mental noise.That’s why the mass is not interested in relaxation-techniques and meditation,

As one relaxes with the awareness gently focused on present experience–guided by a psychiatrist or Teacher of meditation- sensitivity increases and attempts to manage the experience slowly and will yield to the acceptance of the healing energies. Through relaxation thus one enters into the sensitivity-cycle. The barrier to enter the sensitivity-cycle is the attachment to noise. Noise includes distraction maneuvers, wrong insight and interpretation; fear to follow on, not opening up for other opinions etc.

The relaxation is effected by different techniques:. I prefer three of these techniques:A)guided relaxation, B) laying on of hands and C) the Inner Child technique.

A) Guided relaxation technique
This technique consists of having each person concentrate on the different body parts.
B) Laying on of hands. The person lies or sits and experience the human touch of caring love
C) The Inner Child technique is to enter in fixed places of moise in the subconscious mind of the person in need.

The process of relaxation
First there’s a place when one relaxes, where one drops external concerns and allow the mind and body to reorient. This stage is completion of one thing and opening up to what’s next, allowing the next thing that wants to happen to come into consciousness. This step is characterized by passiveness and is an opening up for the physical, emotional and mental needs.For example say, you were working the whole day. You stop, relax and realize that you’re hungry as hell or that you feel alone. To avoid this signal means that you prefer the noise of avoidance and distraction than the clear signal.If one accepts the signal, which emerged, then one comes to some form of insight, perhaps after a lot of emotional struggle and confusion.Staying thus with the primordial signal of hunger one comes to the insight “I will eat a tuna-fish” or with the sense of loneness one decides “I must go to a happy hour”. The habits that avoid one to gather the right information to come to clarity are called “insight barriers”,When helping someone with any problem -concentration problem, social interaction-problem, physical and psychic problem etc. - it’s very important to increase the ratio of the signal sent out by the body or mind through lowering the noise-factor.A technical definition of signal is the necessary message or information.A technical definition of noise is whatever distorts, prevents, interferes with or changes the signal down to the point where the signal might not be localized or received at all.The process of the “signal to noise ratio” is handled by different techniques but the basic technique is the relaxation-technique.
The basic Law of Relaxation: With a minimum of effort, a maximum of result. Relaxation is a way to decrease the noise-level to zero.Less noise, more sensitivity.Less noise, more awareness.

Guided Relaxation The purpose of the guided relaxation is that the client will perform afterwards on a regular base the techniques given. If you never have been in a guided relaxation or guided meditation session, try it out. It can be through a teacher physically present or through a casett or cd. Its much more fruitful then you doing it on your own.

The Inner Child technique- an Inner Journey
This technique is given after that the person has experienced how easy it is to transfer the mind from noise to silence. The Transpersonal School of Psychology of California divides initially our personality in different aspects: a) The child in us b) The adult in us c) The parent in us. Afterwards other streams of thought came to the next and more complete distinction: a) The child in us b) The adult in us c) The Higher Self in us.

The child-aspect is the aspect in us which is guided by instincts of survival.It reveals itself at the moment we ask for /demand love, if we ask for and demand care, guidance, responsibility and respect.
The adult-aspect is the aspect in us which was developed through all those who have nurtured us by guidance, love etc. It is active when we are ready to give love, care, guidance, responsibility and respect. The love, guidance, responsibility is in a process of different degrees of conditional love.
The Higher Self, the Divine aspect in us, is the realm of unconditional love. This manifests itself as unconditional and pure love, abundant wisdom and devotion for all which lives.

Different aspects of the Inner Child
The Child aspect in us can be divided in:
1.the neglected child. This aspect is created through not receiving loving attention due to malevolent parents, due to death of both or one of the parents or due to tensions at home.
2. The wounded child. This aspect is formed by all the negative experiences such as punishment bad words and illness.
3. The playful child. This is the humoristic side in us which is appreciated or not by others. During periods of crises the neglected and wounded child in us manifest very strong in us. Hidden and suppressed resistances, emotions of hate and pain will then be expressed as rebellion, intolerance and victim-consciousness.

How these three aspects can be transformed through the adult or Higher Self?
1. Trough radiating towards others those aspects which were not developed well in yourself. Instead of staying on the level of the child, you should transfer your consciousness towards the adult-aspect in you so to give love, attention and responsibility to the child level in the other in stead of demanding those aspects of the other.
2. Trough invoking with the aid of a well trained person those child aspects in you through Reiki-treatment and/or an Inner Child-treatment..

Some remarkable statements how noise was/is created or sustained:
•“The way I treat my Inner Child is the way I am going to treat my outer child”-Robert M. Stein
•“What has been spoiled by a father can only be made good by a father just as what has been spoiled by the mother can only be repaired by the mother” Carl G.Jung
•“What has been spoiled by a man can only be made good by a man just as what has been spoiled by a woman can only be repaired by a woman” C.G.Jung
•“The child picks up only the unresolved conflicts of the parents”. C.G.Jung
•“In order to understand your own childhood, it is important to know what the house whispered when you were a child or what it continues to whisper.” Susanne Short
•It is also very important to realize that we are creating the situations around us according to our own thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions can never create a positive world.
•After hearing the story of the client, the workshop-leader should go on with contacting the person and not the story
.•Those who had a difficult birth has problems with taking decisions; those who came straight out of the matrix, take strong decisions; those who were born premature are pro-active; those who were born though caesarian incision are afraid of a confrontation.”. Marion Woodman, a Jungian analyst

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