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Dreams are creations within the realm of the psychic body/astral body. You can have there all kinds of dreams: repetition of things that happened during daily life; fantasies caused by disturbances formed by events of daily life including style of eating; repetition of fantasies created while semi-awake; new fantasies while surfing the astral plane/ranges between animal and human soul; clothing with images of visions received while focused in the causal body/the human level of soul or surfing on the causal plane; clothing with images of visions received while focused in the supra causal body/the spiritual level of soul.

Personality versus Divine Self or as vehicle of Divine Self
When our personality as vehicle of the Divine Essence has permitted Divine Self (the King/ the Source of al) to have control, then the personality (the Prime Minister) is obedient to Divine Laws, and much can be accomplished. While the lower personality isn't a vehicle of Divine Essence, we talk about ego. And ego has to disappear, not personality.  
The personality consists of he four lower principles of mortal man:
-----Kama - the animal nature, desires and passions
ga Sharira - Astral body This is the matrix on which the physical is built, and is the guiding model for the physical body, having great tensile strength.
-----Prana - the vital principle, or life force, the radiating energy of the Spirit (Atma), which permeates the objective universe and is a human principle during Earth life and is an inseparable factor of the living man. Prana is distributed through various etheric energy centres (Chakras), which correspond approximately to the nerve ganglia and ductless glands, maintaining our life processes.
-----Sthula Sharira - the physical body, is the focus for Spirit (Atma) in the dense material world.

The Path of Light
If Divine Essence is revealed, the personality is able to change the way it reacts, feels an
d thinks - thus evolving into a more spiritual, loving human being, willing to serve humanity. People will say that we have converted, that we had a drastic change, but personality cannot change personality. Personality is changed by revealing Divine Essence.

The process of revealing is also called as being on the Path of Truth, the Path of Light. Walking towards the Light, we will achieve to be "Perfect, even as our Father in Heaven is perfect" (The Bible). We can become more useful in the service of humanity by speeding up our own evolution, treading the path towards enlightenment and making ourselves more able to assist the Masters in their great work. 

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