zondag 11 april 2010



Dear Friends,

Some philosophical work on the following declaration:
The "What" is up to you, the "How" is up to Universal Consciousness (or God if you like that term). YOU DECIDE ~ Universal Consciousness/GOD PROVIDES. Tell the Universe what you want to experience and then allow God to work out the details for you.

I consider together with Rev. Joel Goldsmith that God will not do today what he hasn't done in eternity. In other words, God IS. He is not becoming, he is not changing. He doesn't do this for you today and for others tomorrow. He is not blessing certain people and condemning others. The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac is a wrong description of God by the same Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or by their followers.

There doesn’t exist a God expressing sometimes punishment and sometimes rewards. (This punishment and rewarding occurs through a impersonal law called by men the Law of Karma) God is LOVE and God is WISDOM, God is not a being as us expressing acts of love and of wisdom.

When at last we decided to tell the Universe, what we want and we get afterwards what we asked for, two great principles took place at the same time: 1. We have decided to transcend the personality and the physical universe 2. We declared that we are ready for a certain change. When at last we decided to open our hearts for the abundance of the Universal Consciousness, we must not get stupid and consider that the Universal Consciousness has gone out of eternity and gone into the same trap of consciousness of our personality, a level of yesterday and tomorrow, a trap of here and there.

In the degree that we open our hearts for the total love and wisdom of the Universal Consciousness we will receive. That doesn't imply that the Universal Consciousness has given us something. Assuming this act of giving on the part of the Universal Consciousness is degrading the eternal love and wisdom aspect through clothing it in a time-space aspect. The fact that the personality feel the need to say thanks for receiving according to its opening for the Universal Abundance, doesn't imply that the Universal Consciousness needs that act of thankfulness.

The second part of the phrase “Tell the Universe ………… and then allow God to work out the details for you” must be “ and then the Universal laws knowing all your sincerity at this moment of asking will work out the details for you.Let us give thanks for what we get everyday, but let us have a correct understanding of the workings of the Life-Light-Love principle.


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