vrijdag 11 juli 2008

Dear All,

Here follows an extension of message 226 as given in my emailsite of Foundation Training Centre Prana

While God is writing straigth all the time with crooked letters (us), still we must not be so smart to think that the most high planes of the Cosmic are passing through us when we are giving (self)treatment.
Its the same with meditation. We go into the sphere of meditation to contact the Higher Consciousness but have we attained the same levels of Consciousness as Jesus, Yogananda, Buddha during that meditation etc.??? No, because we have to break down a lot of walls constructed through prejugdment, wrong analysis, fear of the truth etc.

Reiki is one of the so many varieties of meditation done through/ with the hands of the healer and the one who is treated and either the healer or the one to be healed will attune to the levels of Cosmic Consciousness (Purusha) and Cosmic Energy (prakritri) according to his ability of resonance at this certain moment of his process of discipleship.
Why I am saying "at this certain moment"? Its possible that while doing the great art of healing one can suddenly transcend himself, one can suddenly attain a jump in consciousness. This jump in consciousness can take place in the patient or in both healer as client. All depends on the grade of intention and sincerety which will work out a certain degree of receptivity of the two parties.
You are determinating how your attunement to the Cosmic will be/is. And in the case that we are treating another person its the one who is treated who determines what is the result of the process for himself.

In reality we are not giving energy to the client but we are facilitating the client a psychological framework so that (s)he can have access to the energies which were always within and around him/her. {Even a High Master as Jesus could not heal those who he wanted to heal (and don't forget there are a hundred persons walking around you every day who need some or other form of healing)}. The client can receive through your mediation and facilitation, energies which you yourself cannot handle yet.

Clients have got through my workshops better contact with their Higher Self and could afterwards be even role-models for me how to act better in life. Even while they still neeeded my guidance to understand their dialogues with their Higher Self. This I could do based on experience with different persons.

There are Reikimasters who are proclaiming that when the practitioner is doing his work, the direction of the energy is from the healer to the client and never in the other direction. I consider this a manmade truth. While the energies are being attracted by the client, still there is a two-way track (even when the client is a very frustrated and very armored person).

In any group of persons there is a wide range of energies circulated through and among the different persons! Every one of us has to vow during his periods in his innier sanctum to give always energies of unconditioning love to their loved ones and even to their adversaries.

I am waiting for your remarks.


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