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Date: 16-2-2008

INVITATION (sustained by Foundation Training Centre Prana/Hendrik Schotte)

Journey from "Who Am I?" to "I Am" on Curacao

Touching the Rose Teachings and Ylang Ylang invited the Irishman Finbarr Ross to help create a Unity Consciousness on Curacao by revealing the innermost secret of the Nag Hammadi codices. Ross will be giving this March in Nos cu Nos an Easter-weekend workshop on universal Christ consciousness in oneness with the Divine Feminine.
He is an ordained minister from Sancta Sophia Seminary in Oklahoma . He is also a ceremonialist and a facilitator of self discovery, spiritual wisdom, divine feminine emotional healing and universal Christ consciousness.
As Director of the Institute of Love and Peace, he gives emotional healing workshops.
He works with the power of forgiveness to facilitate healing and self-empowerment.

Accepting “Who I am” is used as a means to initiate awareness in individuals and groups. Finbarr is a facilitator of Divine Feminine Emotional Healing using personal growth with humour as a key to Self-transformation, utilizing his own experiences
and Life journey of Self-discovery. He helps people experience different kinds of Healing. Healing means here ‘becoming Whole, more Complete as a human’.

‘The connection to an important part of instinctual life has been lost for centuries. We suffer the great loss of joy, beauty and creative energy that can unite spirituality and our reproductive energies. Thus we are in need for vitality of love, beauty, passion and spiritual renewal. These are the forces of the Divine Feminine. When they are no longer valued psychic and social structures become overmechanized and thus thinking, judgement and rationality become the ruling factors,’ says Nancy Qualls-Corbett, Ph.D., a Jungian Analyst. She adds that because of this relatedness, feeling, caring or attending to nature go unheeded. Thus there is no balance, no harmony, neither within oneself nor in the external world. In patriarchal communities the feminine is split off. A splitting off of values, one-sidedness, occurs in the psyche. As a result, we are crippled in our search for wholeness and health in our lives.

Jung referred to the feminine principle as anima, a man’s inner image of woman. But Nancy prefers to speak instead of ‘feminine nature’. Because ‘nature’ (Latin) means ‘birth’ and universe’, which implies that which is inborn and real.
The stages of anima development in a man are reflected in his external relationships with women. When he has a negative image of women and wants to dominate them, it is a sign that his inner feminine nature is still at a juvenile state and immature. Such men manifest emotions in oversentimentality and inappropriate aggression. In each of the stages a man becomes aware of a different aspect of his own feminine nature. He is led by one anima image or another through life’s experiences with women.
Jung emphasized the importance of the feminine to the health of the psyche. The active feminine nature holds the image of the divine. As the completing element it leads one to the Self and the splitt-off aspect of the divine feminine is healed from within. This is done by integrating the ancient feminine images. We can relate to them through our own cultural mythology that shows the divine feminine as fertile soil, swamps and water or as vials containing precious fluids, perfumes and healing elixirs. And rabbits and eggs are also symbols of the divine feminine.

The egg is symbolic of new life, the feminine capacity for giving birth. And colored eggs are made to celebrate springtime in Easter festivities. Easter is an ancient word for spring: ‘eastre’. Springtime is nature in bloom, a time when dormant seeds burst forth.
About March 21, the vernal equinox of each year, we experience cosmic equality, when the day and night are of equal length. Eggs symbolize as fertility symbols the Sunrise on the Sunday morning, close to the vernal equinox, at the beginning of spring. All the reproductive processes and energies of nature insure the increase of plants, animals and humanity. Thus Easter day is one of the holiest days around the world. The story of Easter explains the Sunday sacredness. This celebration is one of Love and is called the Sacred Marriage. It is the love between Earth and the Sun, Fertility and the Light, the Reproductive forces and Death. It is the festival of the Death (harvest) of the fruits of the land and their resurrection in food products and within our body cells. This celebration is Renewal of all Earth Life. Our ancestors knew about the marriage of the energies when they brought their harvest (symbol for fecundity of Earth Women) to the storehouses. Therefore it is of utmost importance that every modern harvest feast ends in a celebration of our labour fruits at a square, where the entire community can participate in the celebration.

Easter is thus associated with death and resurrection, but also with new life and the fertility of the feminine nature in Judeo-Christian tradition. Towards the end of the 2nd century Christian Gnosticism was an international movement, which had spread throughout much of the Mediterranean, flourishing in cosmopolitan cities as Alexandria , Ephesus and Rome . Women’s leadership was normal in Christian Gnostic movement. In the 4th Century Constantine converted and allied with church patriarchs. This king Constantine established Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire . To make this religion a success Jesus’ divinity was debated and voted on in 325 at the Council of Nicea. Further 27 books of the New Testament were later canonized and the Gnostic Gospel of Mary and others were thrown out.

But the Gnostic Gospels survived and are now known and scientifically studied as the 13 codices of Nag Hammadi. Nag Hammadi is the name of the Egyptian town where the 52 Gnostic texts and scriptures were unearthed in 1945. They predate the Biblical manuscripts by 200 years. The Gnostic tradition has correlations between the Divine Feminine of Love and the image of Sophia/Wisdom, an archetype of the Self. In Biblical tradition she is both the Bride of God and the Mother. The psychiatrist Jung quotes from the Wisdom of Solomon:
“She is ‘conversant with God’, and ‘the Lord of all things himself loved her’…She is sent from heaven and from the throne of glory as a “Holy Spirit”.”
The feminine Hebrew term describe the Spirit as “Mother of many”. The Divine Feminine had in Gnosticism equal footing theoretically, myth logically and in modern Ecclesiastical Gnosticism liturgically.
The Gnostic texts describe God as a dyadic being, who consists of both masculine and feminine elements and thus created humanity by this androgen image. God as Limitless Light, desired experience of Itself. For this It needed to split apart and create Observers, known as two separate but equal aspects: the Source, the Primal Father and the Silence, the Mother of all things. Both were the male and female aspect of the Limitless Light, which continues through a series of emanated pairs. To manifest themselves they needed to unite, pouring down through creation as two parallel but balanced streams from the Light and emerging as the Logos (male) and Sophia (female). Descending in this world of Limitation they are our Twin Saviours (Primal Father and Mother of the All), without whom the divine Spirit would be trapped in imperfect matter. This was understood as a harmonious, dynamic relationship of opposites. The Logos requires Sophia to awaken the divine spark within matter and vice-versa. The Divine Mother has as Divinity three aspects: the mystical Silence, the Holy Spirit and the Wisdom/Sophia. (‘And God made the world in Wisdom’–Proverbs.)

The Christos is the mythic pattern for the anointed man. The Christos is the indwelling Light (masculine) that descended through the medium of the Holy Spirit (feminine) into the person Jesus at his baptism on the River Jordan. The Holy Spirit is the mythic pattern for the wised woman. Mary Magdalene, with her 30-year relationship with Jesus, is the person who asked the basically toughest questions. Thus this way Sophia is effectively ‘activated’ in the presence of the masculine Christos and Logos. Jesus the Man represent humanity’s salvation through the redemption of the spirit and Mary the Woman represents humanity’s salvation through the redemption of the soul. Personal salvation is found within. This is the Truth of the Sacred Marriage of spirit and soul. Thus Mary speaks in the ‘Gospel of Mary Magdalene’ about the journey of the soul towards Silence. She also had a vision of the risen Lord and points to the symbol of the Resurrection as the core of the teachings, which were not about pain and suffering, but ‘transcendence’. This way it becomes understandable that Mary Magdalaa (which means ‘Strength’ or Triple–Towered Temple ) is called ‘Jesus most intimate companion’ and ‘a woman who knew the All’. Logically Jesus acknowledged her legitimacy of women’s leadership by saying to Peter “whoever receives inspiration from the Spirit is divinely to speak, whether man or woman.” Both Marys went to Ephesus or Egypt . She sought final refuge on the French coast of Gaul , around the year 42. Mary Magdalaa was widely worshiped until 781, when the last sanctuary dedicated to her was demolished. She was still very popular and in 1208 Pope Innocent III ordered professing veneration for the “Grail Mother” (!) to be executed. Her worship changed to the worship of the Black Madonna and disappeared underground.
But till today this Wise Woman is still pictured in her own ‘Cathedral of Mary Magdalene’ in Jerusalem holding an egg, which she once transformed before Pontius Pilate into a red egg. Her image keeps showing us ‘the active feminine nature holding the image of the Divine’ says Nancy Corbett.

The way a society structures the most fundamental human relations-the relations between the female and the male halves of humanity without which our species could not survive-has major implications for the totality of a social system, “Riane Eisler says. She emphasizes that the central icon of the most ancient teachings is a woman about to give birth.
The Sophia Wisdom is a dance of integration of the feminine nature which helps create Unity. We learn to include in the Christ Consciousness Mother Mary and Mary Magdalaa. If we work with the Universal Christ Consciousness and the Divine Feminine we will experience Unity Consciousness. All the experiences which no longer serve us, we can let go. This way we learn to be in perfect relationship, to the best of our ability, with ourselves and with others whom we interact with each day, thereby bringing us to a place of greater Conscious Awareness and Conscious Relationship/Partnership.
This Healing teaches us that we are mirroring our partners, and they are mirroring back for us. Our partners are our own personal tutors asking us to be clear in our communications with ourselves, with them, and with others. We learn to embrace our shadow side. If we do not do this, we are out of Balance. In our relations we will take time and create a co-creative union. We will no longer need to compete, defend, or compare ourselves with another. We can allow our partners enough emotional space to become clear within our relationship in our family or at work. And especially women get a model that allows them to experience themselves. Just as Jesus and Mary we learn forever to shut down guilt as a manipulation by proclaiming there is no such thing as sin. But we need to take our responsibilities and lessons of life. Morality is not a set of rules but an inner integrity based on respect for the dignity of all beings.

Self Knowing brings independence and helps us grow in conscious awareness of ‘Who We Are’. As we work towards world peace in our global relations we create a place of new awareness, which changes the violent vibrations within our own society.
Consciousness is energy that can be measured by its vibrations. This changing of our vibrations may momentarily show up as memory loss, forgetting people's names, places, dates and telephone numbers. We are in a process of letting go of the old world order as structures crumble, old ways of doing things disappear. We need to be consciously aware of ‘Who We Are’, knowing that all is in Divine Order.

Sophia is also within the Gnostic cosmology the name of an Aeon, who plunged beyond the boundaries of the god realm and became ‘materialized as the planet Earth. We humans receive from the intelligence of the Earth a special dose of self-corrective savvy (sapience). The wisdom endowment (as it may be called) is the source of our instinctual capacities as well as our ethical sense. The human intelligence, being rooted in the Gaia habitat, will evolve into the fullness of spiritual wisdom (Sophia) by interacting with nature and other species. Our dependence of animal and plant powers, widely attested in indigenous traditions, is therefore essential. This way we will act morally, doing good by nature, as long as we remain faithful to Nature, our Mother.
Mother Life, Mother Earth, is Renewing herself and going through new cycles. Our polluting Lifestyles challenge her to clean herself. And we, being part of her Earth Matrix, are becoming aware of this need of cleaning our Being as well. Thus we are waiting for the New to take form and to build its foundations, as each of us fully embraces our challenges. We know that we are safe within the Divine Order of Life, which is based on Balance.

This is why Touching the Rose Teachings and Ylang Ylang invited Finbarr Ross to give the ‘I am” workshop. In this workshop we will learn to change ourselves and the world around us, allowing a New Consciousness to take form.
The Easter weekend workshop “I am” will be March 21nd and 22Nd 2008. From 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM we will work together with the Easter energies at Nos cu Nos, Bramendieweg 179, tel. 5999-4614179. Finbarr will also give personal healings to only 5 people. Registrations are at Ylang Ylang in Punda in front of the fruit boats, tel. 5999-4612871. For information you can contact Touching the Rose Teachings: tel. 5999-5208897 or e-mail: touchingtherose@gmail.com

Awakening to a New Consciousness Journey from "Who Am I?" to "I Am"
On this sacred path of life in action we honor our self as we learn techniques/spiritual tools for everyday living that help us become present in the Now. Allowing Divine Will in this time of transparency and dimensional shift to lead us to Unity Consciousness and "Thy will not mine be done" as we connect with the Oneness. Embracing Unity consciousness leads us into the future transforming pathway for our human empowerment and wholeness. As a group, we create a sacred space, an opening for love, gratitude, forgiveness and release. Through guided meditations, rituals and emotional healing we build the mystical marriage of heart and mind, Oneness. As each of us accept "I am that I am" we reconnect with our Unity Consciousness and awaken our awareness to the twin flame dance of the Universal Christ Consciousness and the Divine Feminine for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our relationships and humanity. This weekend workshop is led by Finbarr Ross. Finbarr is a ceremonialist, a facilitator of self discovery, spiritual wisdom, divine feminine emotional healing, universal Christ consciousness and a graduate of the Santa Sophia Seminary. He has led transformational, healing and soul journey workshops in the United States, England, Ireland, France and Sri Lanka. Finbarr is a native of Ireland and has walked the path of self discovery transforming and blending challenges of life to advance his own spiritual development. He also lectures on Celtic spirituality, prayer, awareness, spiritual tools for everyday living and the power of forgiveness and gratitude to facilitate healing / empowerment. "I am that I am"
This weekend workshop is led by Finbarr Ross. Finbarr is a ceremonialist, a facilitator of self discovery, spiritual wisdom, divine feminine emotional healing, universal Christ consciousness and a graduate of the Santa Sophia Seminary. He has led transformational, healing and soul journey workshops in the United States, England, Ireland, France and Sri Lanka. Finbarr is a native of Ireland and has walked the path of self discovery transforming and blending challenges of life to advance his own spiritual development. He also lectures on Celtic spirituality, prayer, awareness, spiritual tools for everyday living and the power of forgiveness and gratitude to facilitate healing / empowerment.

Workshop Includes:Date: March 21st-22nd, 2008Morning Session:10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Afternoon Session: 2:30 PM to 4:00 PMSharing Time:4:30 PM to 5:30 PM Closing Night: 5:00 PM Essene silent supper (dress in white)

tel. 5999 461 2871
waisan.pau@scarlet.anCost: $125
registration: $ 50Location:Curacao., Netherlands AntillesFor information Contact: Velma Solomons at: storyflower_2000@yahoo.com

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