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As all other fairytales “Snowwhite” is a story which originated in the sacred and secret circles of the past. They tell us about processes of the conscious and subconscious mind, of the visible tangible world but also of the invisible world with its different varieties of inhabitants. These stories have the goal to impress on our mind certain truths in a symbolical way. Professor Carl Gustav Jung-the originator of the depth-psychology- had understood the value of tales, myths and legends so well that he had put the study of them –besides the study of dreams-as an integral part in the study of psychoanalysis.

Snowwhite is the story of the battle between the forces of good and the dark forces. The principal person in this story represents the Higher Self in us and the bad-tempered stepmother is a portrait of our untrue nature, our lower personality who sends the true self to the forest so that its beauty cannot be perceived anymore in the clear mirror of our conscience.
The untrue nature as a mixture of the pure and the impure (=the bad stepmother) takes over when we loose our relation with the Universal Energy which is symbolized in the dying of Snowwhite’s mother. We all are kings children as Snowwhite and in the first 7 years here on earth we all remembered pretty well our divine heritage, but afterwards ........ alas. In the years from 7 till 14 years we create step by step the untrue self which will have a very active and powerful role fin the ages 14 till 21.
We individuals send our Snowwhite to the forest of illusion so that we can indulge as much as possible in our deviations of the Pure Cosmic Consciousness. The stepmother sent out a man (= representing the action-polarity of the stepmother) to murder Snowwhite and he had to bring her heart to the stepmother as a proof of her death. Instead of that he brought the heart of a deer to her. Indeed in daily life it happens often that bad persons do surprise others with good acts. The deer is the symbol of spontaneous joy, the joy that we see in children.

And then Snowwhite decided to travel over 7 mountains (again the mystical number 7 indicating the lifecycles of 7) and she came in the house of the seven dwarfs. Now the consciousness was totally identified with the powers of the body but also those same forces showed more and more their spiritual aspects if allowed thereto. The 7 dwarfs are symbols of the 7 chakras with its 7 virtues and/or 7 vices. How this young human soul will develop in this complete downloading of the soul after enjoying the meal of the seven plates and the 7 cups? How will she use the basic soul forces? Will she use it for the glorification of the True Self or for the glorification of Maya, the Great Illusion?
At night the soul forces are waking over us as the dwarfs were waking over Snowwhite but will it give fruit. Will we notice this protection of the Cosmic in our thoughts, feelings and actions? Will we clean our body house from negativities as Snowwhite did? And for how long were we capable to do it? It depends on every soul personality what he will do with the offered opportunities. Or not???

And then came the first test, the test of the sexual force symbolized by the girdle. There are a lot of persons who have lived a decent life in our midst and in a sudden we hear that they are involved in different sexual adventures. Others had traumas and sexual frustrations and through certain methods the flow of energy was normalized and in a sudden the pendulum is swaying in the other direction , the way of too much emphasis on the sexual expression.

Snowwhite had also a problem here with those Cosmic forces rushing through her. She inclined towards the evolution process and not the involutionary one and so the seven celestial forces –symbolized in the dwarfs- could help her to pass the test and there was liberation of the Soul for sometime. After some time followed the second test: the testing of the crown chakra. This test is symbolized by the comb.
School knowledge and knowledge of superficial adults always take away the chance to open up for wisdom. And you have to be smart to transcend the superficial values that the so-called elders of society -including spiritual and political leaders- are imposing on us.
And the final testing is endured, the testing of the higher form of creativity: the testing of the throat-chakra symbolized by the poisonous apple. In the mystery-schools you get the information that the throat chakra and the sexual chakra are related. Both have to do with spheres of communication. This latter test is won by the Christ consciousness which is symbolized through the presence of the prince. The overshadowing of the body by the Christ consciousness awakened a new but transformed sexual power -the power of Kundalini- which lead to the mystical marriage of Spirit and Soul, the alchemical blending of yin and yang. The union about which mystic poets of all religions- I repeat: all religions- have written.

May this process of assimilation and transmutation through which Snowwhite had passed -which was called by Professor Jung the process of individuation- be ours through meditation, yoga-exercises, Reiki, through initiations of the so many modern mystery schools..

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